You have long pictured yourself taking selfies just below the Eiffel Tower in Paris or boating at the Venice Canal in Italy or being mesmerized by the Buckingham Palace’s façade, yet it’s already the 5th month of the year and these remain as plans. Your dream of touring the wine regions by train in Europe and UK has been moved because you’re simply stuck in Melbourne!

So you’ve decided to reschedule your dream vacation and just thought, “What shall I do in Melbourne?”

Here’s what’s going on in the most populous city of Victoria – Melbourne.

Visit sights and landmarks

One of the largest war memorials in Australia is the Shrine of Remembrance especially made to honour the men and women who served in World War 1. With its classical architecture design, it symbolizes real-life stories of Australian patriots that are remembered up to this day. Located also in Melbourne is the iconic retail precinct Block Arcade, which was hailed as No. 4 in “Australia’s Top 10 Landmarks” by TripAdvisor.  Formerly known as Carpenter’s Lane, this 124-year old heritage is now a funky shopping arcade.


Join Tours

Instead of touring the wine regions in Europe, you can join the Yarra Valley food and wine day tour through wine-touring companies in Victoria like Vinetrekker Wine and Food Tours. Taste some award-winning wines, discover their history, plus you can also try out a wildlife tour. The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant is also a good tour choice as they provide an innovative restaurant on wheels. Have a taste of their culinary expertise while cruising the streets of Melbourne. This modern but unique tram is definitely worth checking out. Make sure to check their availability ahead of time.

Attend Events

A non-profit organization, The Melbourne International Jazz Festival will again bring the world’s best jazz to Melbourne on June 2-11 2017. Not only you can enjoy the event but they also give you the chance to help through their $20 for 20 Campaign. According to their website, they aim to raise $20,000 in their anniversary year to ensure that they can continue the program, which started two decades ago. Meanwhile, a health, wellbeing and natural therapies event – The MindBodySpirit Festival – could help you relax and meditate through its activities such as free inspirational seminars, psychic reading, body pampering and stage performances. Aside from that, there are also 200 exhibitors expected on the event. This largest health and wellness event in Australia will take place on June 9-12.

Photo: The Colonial Tramcar Restaurant FB Page


Stay in hotels (while you plan your itinerary)

Yes, you may have imagined yourself relaxing in European hotels, but since your dream vacation in Europe remains a plan, you might as well enjoy the hotels in Melbourne for now. Maybe you haven’t spent the day by the beach in St. Kilda, or discovered some of the dinner cruises down the Yarra. To help plan your days, don’t forget to take a look at the Melbourne Travel Guide Content guides, which contain detailed information on what to do and where to go in Melbourne.

Who said you need to go to Europe for an extraordinary experience? Even when you are in Melbourne, there are still lots of places to explore, even if you are a local.

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