Eggs must be one of the world’s most popular breakfast ingredients. As well as tasting great, they’re packed full of protein and amino acids, providing us with a great way to get set up for a busy day.

Of course, even the most amateur of cooks can cook an egg, but do you find that you’ve got stuck in your ways when it comes to making eggs for breakfast? Do you ever think beyond boiling them, serving them sunny side up or scrambled?

If you’re out of inspiration when it comes to interesting ways to serve eggs, it’s the only eggs-cuse (sorry!) you need to go out and discover the different way Melbourne eateries serve their eggs for breakfast or brunch. Apart from anything else, you know that when you eat breakfast out somewhere, you’ll probably be served much better coffee to go with it than you would make at home!

Eggs Benedict

On those days when you want a classic and decadent egg dish, the only choice can be eggs benedict. There are many variations on this dish (with similar but slightly different names, such as eggs florentine). Still, most commonly, it’s two poached eggs, served atop toasted muffins with a slice of ham or bacon, and topped with hollandaise sauce. You’ll find that lots of Melbourne restaurants and cafes include eggs benedict on their menus, often giving the brunch dish their own individual twist.

Source: Katherine Lim via Facebook

At Top Paddock in Richmond, the eggs benedict is a breakfast you’ll want to take time to savour; this is no quick snack. Served on baguette toast, there are the poached eggs with a bearnaise sauce in lieu of a hollandaise. Instead of bacon, there’s pork jowl, with apple slices compressed with the citrus fruit yuzu, to provide contrast to the fat of the pork jowl. As for the garnish, there’s crumbled bacon and pork crackling.

Huevos Rancheros

Try an egg breakfast Mexican-style at Cornutopia, which operates out of an easy-to-spot yellow food truck at Preston Market. Huevos Rancheros – or Rancher’s Eggs – take you to a whole new egg experience if you’re used to eggs sunny side-up with bacon or snags.

In their Huevos Rancheros, the eggs are served on top of a corn tortilla with a tomato salsa, along with cheese, guacamole, sweetcorn and beans.

Source: Cornutopia via Facebook

If you’re not near Preston Market, don’t worry; you can still get a hold of Cornutopia’s menu as the yellow food truck has a twin black taco truck that moves around different locations in the city. You can find out where it is on their Facebook page.

Boiled eggs get deconstructed

For anyone who’s a fan of the boiled egg, there’s a café in Melbourne you have to try. In Yarra, the Stepping Stone café has turned the concept of a boiled egg breakfast on its head, serving their Kiss and Tell Soldiers breakfast in an egg carton. There’s not an egg cup or a plate in sight. Diners receive their entire breakfast in a carton that looks like one you’d get in the supermarket, but in fact is ordered in especially as a container to serve prepared food in.

Source: Our Very Own Tried And Tested Recipes via Facebook

Along with two perfectly boiled dipping eggs, you’ll get a trayful of toast soldiers, a roll of bacon, some relish, mashed avocado and tomato salsa, which you then eat in whatever order you want.

Of course, you could replicate all these dishes at home, but surely it’s more fun to have it done for you? That way, you’ll also know how they’re supposed to turn out before you start experimenting in your kitchen!

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