153 miles from Manila lies the Philippines’ summer-holiday capital – Baguio City. Great food, eccentric art, and of course the cooler weather are some of the things that attract people to this awesome place. Tourists flock mainly during the famous Panagbenga Festival (Flower Festival), which runs from February to March each year.

For most people, Burnham Park, The Mansion and Botanical Garden, have become the most common places to visit in Baguio City. Unknown to some, there are other unique places and things that some people haven’t even heard of yet.

image: Cafe in the Sky Facebook page

1. Visit Café in the Sky – located near Mt. Sto.Tomas, they say it’s where heaven meets Earth since it’s around 1987 asl. Imagine yourself at the view deck, watching the sunrise while sipping a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate), overlooking Baguio – truly majestic! With the wide skyline, fogs rolling up, delish food… this cafe with bed and breakfast is heaven.

2. Feast your eyes at BenCab Museum – Baguio City is home to works by a number of acclaimed artists including the national artist Benedicto Cabrera. The collection of old and contemporary masterpieces by these virtuosi make you appreciate art even if you aren’t a massive art buff. Just below the four-level building is Cafe Sabel, which offers BenCab’s Brew (their signature coffee), and fresh, organic food from the BenCab farm.

3. Chill at Ili-Likha Artist Village – The building may just look like a little tree house in the heart of Assumption Road, but don’t be deceived by its facade because upon entering this simple cafe you’ll see a magnificent work of art. This multi-level “tree house” contains stained-glass wall and rainbow-colour tiled floor. Apart from being artsy, it’s a healthy food establishment because most of the foods they serve are organic.

4. Discover history at Camp John Hay Historical Core – Camp John Hay played a big role in the history of Baguio City. This is where Bell House is located – a house-turned-museum named after General Franklin Bell that used to be the home of American Governor Generals. You can drop by the Cemetery of Negativism (of course it’s not a real cemetery) and access Secret Garden by walking the history trail. You can also see Bell Amphitheatre and the new Treetops adventure. If you want to smell pine trees and experience the real “Baguio feeling” CJH is a must.

5. More food and entertainment at Session Road – Isn’t it nice to eat scrumptious food after a long and tiring day? Since this is Baguio’s CBD, Session Road from Lower to Upper has a lot to offer! Filipino, American, Mexican – name it all. At 10:00 pm this road is still awake, so feel free to explore, and adjacent to it is the Harrison Road where you can explore night market.
Baguio City is one of the most-visited places in the country. Though urbanized, it’s undeniable that it still promotes its beauty and culture.


by: Jodi Sabado


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