Recharge yourself for the day with this breathtakingly beautiful, mid-week sunrise yoga session 300 metres above the ground

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At 6.45am every Wednesday morning, the Sydney Tower Eye Observation Deck is transformed into a peaceful haven where those game enough to rise before the sun are welcomed into one of the most picturesque and unique yoga classes available.

Standing high above the city with music playing quietly, you’ll be invited to take a few minutes to walk around the deck and take in the dimly-lit yet jaw-dropping 360- degree view of the CBD, Sydney Harbour and beyond.

As the sun begins to creep up above the horizon and rays begin to stream through the windows, you’re invited to get comfortable on your mat (which is provided and set up for you) as the class begins. The mats are set up in a spacious line around the platform so you’re always guaranteed the best spot in the house as well as having plenty of room to move around comfortably.

The class is suited to all levels, from beginners to veteran yoga enthusiasts, and it’s small – only about 15 people in the group. The instructor, Sasha, who’s also the founder of Yoga by the Sea, is warm and exceptionally skilled, taking you through a variety of hatha yoga poses as the sun slowly rises, showering you with warmth and delivering a much needed shot of energy for the day. There’s something extraordinary about performing a sun salutation as the sun rises right before your eyes – especially since the Sydney Tower is the first point in Sydney where you can see the run rise and set!

The 45-minute class ends with a meditation and relaxation session, leaving you feeling fit, resilient and stress-free for the day ahead. As Wednesdays tend to drag on for many workers in Sydney, there’s no better way to get a little extra vitality to prevent the mid-afternoon fade. It’s clear by the overall post-class buzz that waking up a little earlier is most certainly worth it. How many people can say they started their day almost 300 metres above the ground?

This class really is about a whole body sense of wellbeing, with a delicious breakfast included, helping you to start the day feeling healthy and fresh without having to worry about rushing off to find a snack before work. Fruit juices, bottles of water, fresh fruit salad, muffins and sandwiches are all provided. You can choose to either enjoy your breakfast and watch as the city begins to come alive below, or grab it for the road and take the speedy elevator ride all the way back down to reality.

Yoga From the Sky is one of the few outstanding experiences you will want to keep to yourself, as it’s the sense of exclusivity and small class size that make it so special. It’s a class too fantastic to keep secret for too long though, and judging by the growing number of regulars, you’ll be signing yourself up, along with all your friends and colleagues before the day is out.


By Laura House


Yoga From the Sky
a: Sydney Tower Eye, entrance via Level 5, Westfield Shopping Centre, Sydney NSW.

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