Stretch your body, calm your mind

The Yoga School is an idyllic oasis to practice yoga in the middle of busy Cairns.

Located within Piccones Shopping Village in Manoora, just minutes from trendy Edge Hill, The Yoga School is a relaxing retreat. The school offers six levels of study, which cater for beginners and experienced yogis alike.

For those who are just beginning their journey with yoga, the school’s five-week Introduction to Yoga course is ideal. Although it’s a five-week course, it works on a rotational basis so you can join at any time. It’s designed to introduce you to the basic poses and the different techniques associated with yoga.

There are three levels of casual classes – beginner, intermediate, advanced – and as you progress through the levels, you’ll advance not only your technique but also your body strength. The school offers two additional classes: private yoga for those who have specific challenges to face, and chair yoga for students with mobility issues or physical limits. The school caters for every body type, fitness level and philosophy, accepting all students who wish to study yoga either casually or seriously.

The Yoga School is run by a close-knit group of yoga practitioners, all of who practice the Knoff Yoga system of yoga practice. Nicky Knoff and James Bryan, the creators of the Knoff Yoga system and the founders of The Yoga School, believe that yoga is about developing a deeper connection between body, breath and mind. All of the yoga teachers at the school are certified in the Knoff Yoga system and have trained under Nicky and James. All the staff are approachable and knowledgeable, and it would be difficult to find a friendlier group of exercise instructors in the region.

At The Yoga School, the focus is not so much on the exercise of yoga itself, but on reaping the rewards from regular practice. These rewards include increased flexibility, reduced stress levels and a calmer mind. The school emphasises the study of asana, vinyasa and pranayama principles of yoga because they can be translated into everyday life. They work off the value that by studying how to correct your physical alignment, control your breathing and expand your ‘life force’ (positive spiritual energy), you’ll cultivate a strong and spiritual mindset as well as a pliable and powerful body.


Prices vary per class. Casual visits cost $17, while 10-class passes cost $125 and a three-month pass is $299.


By Rebecca Gillies


The Yoga School
t: (07) 4053 5857
a: Suite 14, 159-161 Pease St, Cairns, QLD

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