Fresh healthy meals delivered to your door


Sure, we’d all love to be Nigella in the kitchen on a random Tuesday evening, whipping up a healthy culinary masterpiece with finesse and ease. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case as we get home exhausted, impatient and with three minutes to go until *insert the name of your favourite show here* starts.

Chef Trista understands this scenario all too well. So much so, in fact, that it was the motive behind her recently launched business, Trista’s Kitchen.

The idea behind the business is to provide people with daily fresh meal solutions that require essentially no effort or time (aside from perhaps a quick microwave blitz for the hot meals). You can just walk in the door and have your home-prepped meal ready to go.

You can order one meal at a time, get a few, or even a whole week’s worth. You can choose from a variety of salads and cooked meals that are transported with ice packs to ensure freshness.

And the food is really good! Trista’s colourful creations are made with lots of fresh herbs and veggies. You’ve got everything from fresh salads loaded with olives, roast chicken, nuts, broccoli and the like; as well as creative cooked meals. Some of the meals we had in this delivery were Greek salad, lemon pesto penne, Thai curry bolognaise, spinach lasagna and zucchini-spaghetti bolognaise.

She even prints stickers that you’ll see stuck to the side of each container letting you know how many calories each meal has, and the nutritional content, too.

The verdict: we thoroughly enjoyed each of the meals from Trista’s Kitchen. There were great flavours, the dishes looked good, and it was great that we could see what we were eating with the stickers displaying nutritional content.

Quick facts:

  • Weekly delivery
  • Portion controlled
  • Calorie controlled
  • No minimum order


All meals are $8.80 each. Meal delivery is $15 to a range of pick-up points in Melbourne & South Gippsland. Delivery to your door is $35.


By Christina Wylie


Trista’s Kitchen


t: 1300 020 380