For most people, the quintessential vacation is the image of a pristine beach, powdery sands, and sparkling waters. Add a cold cocktail in their hands and the sunset in the background, and you’ve got yourself a perfect holiday.

The problem with this image is the sheer number of people who want to experience that same awesome beach. This is the main reason why, come vacation time, beaches all over the world often experience an avalanche of tourists.

So, if you wanted your very own quiet beach on the beautiful shores of Australia, where would you go?

Luckily, we’ve got your back. Here are our picks for the top 5 secret beaches in Australia.

Vivonne Bay – SA



Nestled in a secret little cove near Kangaroo Island, Vivonne Bay is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets…even though it was already proclaimed as Australia’s best beach by Sydney University back in 2003.

Vivonne Bay offers everything your dream vacation has: a picturesque beach surrounded by green, rolling hills. Crystal-clear blue waters teeming with exotic marine life. A secluded sandy front that’s perfect for a quiet picnic with your family. Vivonne Bay also has great waves that are perfect for surfing.

Maitland Bay – NSW


In Bouddi National Park, some 20km south-east of Godford, the secluded, quiet beach of Maitland Bay offers a great vacation experience for families. The waters are calm and warm, and perfect for a quick dip in the ocean. However, you should be prepared for a bit of a workout – Maitland Bay is found downhill from a eucalyptus forest, which is around a 20-minute hike from vehicle access.

For those who are looking for an even more enjoyable workout, trek onwards to Putty Beach via Gerrin Point lookout. You can even circle around by going through the Bulimah Spur Track. The whole circuit will take around two hours, but the whole view around Maitland Bay is more than worth the walk.

Point Ann – WA

Point Ann


Point Ann is a beach that can be found in the Western section of the Fitzgerald National Park, and the best way to get there is through Bremey Bay. One of the biggest crowd draws of Point Ann is the annual whale watching activity, where whales swim in large numbers. The best time to go and watch these majestic animals? June to October.

Point Ann offers two whale watching platforms where you can stay at a safe distance, and still feel up close and personal with these amazing creatures.

Baker’s Beach – TAS

Baker’s Beach


Take about an hour’s drive from Launceton, and you’ll find yourself on the balmy, gorgeous shores of Baker’s Beach. This beautiful beach is definitely one that you should visit, with the gently curving shore making its way towards Badger Head. The sand is so fine and white, you’ll love just stretching out and getting a tan.

Baker’s Beach is home to a host of local wildlife and marine life, and locals love spending time here for some bird watching and fish spotting. With the tropical island feeling all around you, you’ll feel like you’ve landed on the private island of some lucky millionaire. But as they say, the best things in life are free, like the feeling of sands between your toes, and the salt air in your face.

Bynoe Harbour – NT

Bynoe Harbour


For those who love fishing, there’s definitely a spot for you at Bynoe Harbour. This amazing fishing spot can be found around 100 kilometres south-west of Darwin. Once you get there, you’ll even have the added bonus of an exhilarating four-wheel drive ride through the thick scrub—the only way to reach Bynoe Harbour’s prime fishing docks.

Another great thing about Bynoe Harbour? You can spend the night there! Set up camp near the cliffside, and experience a gorgeous sunset overlooking the Timor Sea.


What do you think of our pick for top 5 best secret beaches in Australia? Did we miss any that should be on our list? Let us know in the comments!