A sanctuary in Albert Park, Masque Day Spa is an urban retreat to its core


‘Urban retreat’ is the go-to tagline for so many city spas, but Masque Day Spa truly is an urban retreat in every sense.

The décor in the waiting room is quirky and welcoming, with classic furniture set against wooden floors below a small crystal chandelier. After you fill out your consultation form and enjoy some soothing tea, you head out the door at the back of the room past some cute little potted lavender plants and scented candles.

You think that you’re walking into another room, but instead you pop out the other end of the building into an external corridor. And it’s here, in a dedicated block, where the treatment rooms are located. This is when you realise this is not just any old day spa – it really is an urban retreat.

So you enter your private treatment room – it’s warmly lit and pre-heated (or cooled in summer) to a wonderfully relaxing temperature. The sounds of a trickling waterfall and birdsong play subtly from the speakers. Next you don what has to be the softest robe known to mankind, before plonking yourself on a bench where your therapist washes and scrubs your feet in warm water using a luxurious orange tangerine salt scrub.


Now that you’re all scrubbed up, you lie down on the comfy heated bed and get ready to enjoy your treatment, which on this occasion is a Head-to-Toe massage. As soon as the therapist begins, you can tell she knows what she’s doing – she gets into all the right spots where your tension so stubbornly sets up camp and you can quite tangibly feel the stress just melt away.

After a little post-massage stretch – during which you just may find you’ve got an increased range of motion – you re-emerge from your private treatment room back to reality. And although you may be leaving the spa, your newly acquired relaxed glow will go with you.


By Christina Wylie


Christina Wylie had a Head-to-Toe massage. Masque Day Spa also offers many face and body treatments, wraps, waxing and tinting, mani-pedis and more.


Masque Day Spa
t:  (03) 9686 6000
a: 103 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park, Melbourne


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