Margarita, Old-Fashioned, Mojito – if you think you know your cocktails inside out, try these specialist bars that take what you know and throw it to the wind, adding their own signatures to the old classics, whether it be rum, tequila or tea. Hang on – tea?


Rum at The Angry Pirate – Redfern

The Angry Pirate makes their own house-made grog, and blended with limes, lemons and passionfruit makes a wicked Grog Zombie that packs a punch. Bonus fact: the Grog Zombie is served on fire. Because why not.

The Angry and Sour also uses the house-made grog combined with refreshing lime and pomegranate.

Between the sounds of cocktail shaking and blues playing, work your way down the cocktail list. The classics are there – Dark and Stormy, Mojito, Angry Old-Fashioned – and there’s enough room to grab a dark corner with some mates and not feel jostled for space.

There’s only one rule: “No dicks, no crazies, don’t be shit.”

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Mezcal at Mr Moustache – Bondi

Try a Mary Jane with mezcal, cucumber, lemon and habanero agave for a fresh tasting cocktail with a bit of a burn. It looks like a green juice in a martini glass so you can at least partially fool yourself into thinking you’re drinking something healthy. The Agave Penicillin with lemon and ginger also goes down with a refreshing zing.

If you prefer something a little sweeter, the margarita with orange juice could be one of my favourite margaritas around.

But to drink a mezcal or tequila the way a good one should be enjoyed, it should be sipped slowly from a shot glass. I was sceptical at first (that I could actually enjoy it in this way) but I forged ahead and after my first sip, which was a bit like a slap in the face, I could begin to appreciate the smoky flavours.

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Tea Syrup Cocktails at Doris and Beryl’s Bridge Club and Tea House – Newtown

Tea syrups are created in-house as the base for the cocktail list, and with names like Geriatrics in the Mist and Pedro’s Throbbing Passion, you’ll really want to work your way through them all.

There’s the Narcoleptic Nan, which uses Camomile-infused tequila to bring a new twist on the classic margarita. Or the bestseller Tea-ki, which is based around a spicy chai tea syrup and ginger beer – but with four different types of rum in this one it may have you slurring over your bridge game before too long. Oh and the ginger beer is homemade and comes out of a fire extinguisher. Another one please!

An Earl Grey syrup is utilised in the 50 Shades of Earl – a tasty concoction of bourbon, apricot brandy and fruit liquors. It’s designed to ‘ease the pain of a good spanking’.

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