Upping Kew’s burger game


This family run business of 15 years was originally a local cafe. Now re-vamped into The Burger Block, it introduces Asian-inspired burgers to the local community of Kew. But not just any old burgers – these have wicked flavour game.

If you are into your chilli then The Red Lantern Burger is for you. It’s the favourite at the Burger Block and does not disappoint! It’s filled with cheese, bacon, spanish onions, lettuce, tomato and spicy chilli mayo. You can add jalapeño to spice it up even more. It’s so full of flavour that you will not want to share this one.

In terms of sides, the recommendation is the beer battered chips with aioli furikake (roasted seaweed seasoning), fries with an Asian twist, or alternatively a fried or steamed dim sim.

The Burger Joint also offers a breakfast menu and vegetarian options. The Burger Block is another great addition to Melbourne’s booming burger game, and definitely worth checking out.


Brenda offers a 1.5 kg The Saw Challenge and a 3 kg The Chainsaw Massacre challenge. Complete the 1.5 kg challenge in 13 minutes you get a 10% off VIP Card (valid for 6 months), Burger Block memorabilia and your spot on their wall of fame (both in-store and on social media), and if you finish the 3 kg challenge in 35 minutes (solo) or 25 minutes (as a pair) you get a 10% off VIP Card (valid for 1 year) as well as memorabilia, and of course that wall-of-fame kudos.



By Jasmine Zehetner


The Burger Block


t: (03) 9853 5771

a: 85 Willsmere Rd, Kew VIC 3101


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