Get back to nature at these beautiful cottages complete with herb and veg gardens and private chef


Upon arriving in the Yarra Valley, the sleepy village of Healesville is exactly what you would imagine from a picturesque countryside community, in fact, it’s just what you imagined – and then some.

Botanica Editions is to be found on the enchantingly named Badger Creek, and as soon as you step inside the cottage, you will find yourself stepping into another world.

Botanica Editions is a collection of two cottages aimed at those who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and be immersed in a simpler, back-to-nature existence. The houses are surrounded by idyllically landscaped, expansive gardens which also have practical medical and culinary plants growing there.


While relaxing and getting away from it all, the in-house private dining with charming chef, Jessica Locavore, comes highly recommended. Jessica made crispy Wilamina rainbow trout with farro risotto and preserved lemon – flavoured with herbs from the kitchen garden of course –  followed by a perfectly cooked grilled pork loin with soaked goji berries and nasturtium salad orange puree. It was even better than it sounds!

Venturing out into the Yarra Valley offers a variety of amazing places to visit. The view from Oakridge winery could be just about as beautiful a landscape as you’re likely to see any time soon, and the restaurant here offers up perfectly prepared cuisine, with such unusual fare as steamed egg custard with beans, peas and mint – seriously good. In fact, the whole menu was fresh, inventive and delicious. Combined with the wine pairings, it was a truly unforgettable eating experience.


If more wine tasting is required then the Yarra Yerring Winery is also a great place to stop, offering wine-tasting for only $10 per person, more stunning views and also a great selection of well-created and varied wines for sale that cater to all budgets. If even more booze is required, why not take a pit-stop at The Four Pillars gin distillery back in Healesville – the distillery tour is an education in itself and also a great insight into a beautiful building and a business that is clearly cared for by its owners and loved by its enthusiastic staff – oh, and the gin is pretty damn good, too!


Although there’s plenty to do in the Yarra Valley, but The Willow House and The Habitat House at Botanica Editions are places you don’t necessarily want, or need to leave once you’ve arrived. This is a place for relaxation and reflection where batteries are recharged and relationships can be re-forged.

If a break is needed, then Botanica Editions will certainly put the oomph back in the step of even the most over-worked and over-stressed people out there. Savour and enjoy your time on holiday here, forget about your deadlines and bills, and most importantly, truly unwind.

How to get there:

Don’t fancy driving, and are potentially thinking of drinking more than a glass of two of wine? The GAB’s recommended method of transport is EnviroFleet, an eco-friendly chauffeur service that operates in both Melbourne and Sydney. EnviroFleet, a company started, run and owned by passionate local Melbournian Steven Dimas, uses the latest hybrid technology vehicles available, and puts a serious emphasis on being as green as possible whilst keeping prices reasonable, and providing a top-notch service.


By Jeremy Briggs


Botanica Editions

t: (03) 5962 2723



a: Chalet Road, Badger Creek, 3777, Victoria, Australia




t: +61 4 1212 7474




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