Tasting Australia: A Gastronomic Journey through South Australia


Here’s a fact: us Aussies LOVE to eat, which is why Tasting Australia, the much-loved food and drink festival that celebrates the gastronomic goodies found in South Australia, is a highly anticipated event. From May 1-8 2016, join renowned experimental chef Jock Zonfrillo and Tasting Australia ambassador Cheong Liew in exploring the wonderful and delicious offerings of South Australia.

The theme for Tasting Australia this 2016 is “Landscapes”, which focuses on the connection between source, product, process, and flavour. If you love to understand your food, and find the process of food production fascinating, this is definitely one food festival you should not miss!

There will be several themed dinners throughout the event that will showcase the unique gastronomic delights that South Australia has to offer:

  • Origins Dinner – During this dinner, more than 30 highly trained chefs will produce a signature dish using local produce, while local winemakers pair these amazing dishes with their best wines. This is truly a meal to remember.
  • Single Sites Dinner – For this meal, seven of South Australia’s most esteemed single-vineyard wines will be presented for your palette, while a chef from each region pairs these amazing wines with equally amazing dishes.

Tasting Australia 2016 will also showcase two new events: The first is Cheong Liew Retrospective, which will take you on Liew’s personal journey of 20 years towards becoming a world-renowned master chef. The second event is called A Few of My Favourite Things, where you will find out firsthand what Australia’s food and drink masters love to eat and drink during their own downtime. Famous food personalities such as Jessie Spiby and Callum Hann from MasteChef will lead private tours and give their own food insider’s knowledge on where and what to eat.

There will be known food and drink superstars from all over the world visiting this event, such as food visionary Anthony Myint and his partner, Chris Kiyuna from the U.S., as well as the Basque livestock breeder Pierre Oteiza from France and Singapore-based chef Dave Pynt, whose restaurant, Burnt Ends, has been named as one of the world’s top 50 restaurants.

Tasting Australia is an amazing event that showcases both the love of food and drink, as well a deep appreciation for the process of growing and processing raw local ingredients. The sheer talent and experience of the participants, as well as the unforgettable gastronomic experience truly makes Tasting Australia 2016 an event that any self-respecting food lover would not miss!


For tickets and more information, visit: www.tastingaustralia.com.au.

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