Having a colema at The Spa Resort in Lamai means that it’s in with the good and out with the bad.


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Colonic irrigation. It’s a sticky subject! But what actually happens? Does it hurt? And does it really work? Nick Dilks, Executive Health Consultant of The Spa Resort explains the ins and outs of it all, as it were.

For those of you who haven’t heard of a ‘colonic’ before, the process involves the rectal insertion of fluid that is then flushed out the same way, taking with it toxins and debris from your innards. Celebrity fans of the procedure include Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Matt Damon, Usher, and even Barack Obama.

At The Spa Resort – located a couple of minutes’ drive from Lamai Beach Road on the Samui’s main ring-road, about 50 metres east of Buddy Oriental Samui Beach Resort – they offer a gentle form of colonic irrigation called a ‘colema’. Each colema uses 15 litres of a solution made from coffee, lemon or garlic. The coffee solution helps to clean out the liver, the lemon is antibacterial and the garlic kills parasites.

Nick explains the benefits, “The flush is a painless procedure that cleans out the hard matter that accumulates in the colon and intestines from eating unhealthy and processed food. Most people have many built up layers of foreign bodies there. Flushing gets rid of these so that the colon can function normally again.”

Colemas are great for people who feel lethargic, have a poor diet or often find their bathroom visits not totally productive. But, actually, they can be received by anyone who’s not been as healthy as they might like and wants a fresh start. Nick explains that, after having the treatment, you leave The Spa Resort’s retreat with a blank slate. “By completing the program, you break bad food patterns. It also interrupts food cravings so that you can start again with your diet. When you’re cleansed, you also have a heightened awareness of the effects of bad things on the body, so you’ll be less likely to start up again.

The Spa Resort was actually the first ‘proper’ spa on Samui. Quite a claim to fame these days. Nick reckons one big reason for The Spa Resort’s long-term success has always been its thorough approach to wellness. “People come here for all kinds of reasons and we offer them the full package. Body, mind and soul. Many guests have come here with a variety of health issues and found those issues miraculously disappear after their stay.”

You can come to The Spa Resort to just relax, see practitioners, have massages and do some yoga. Or you can opt for the full cleansing package which even allows the ‘patients’ to get takeaways of their shakes and supplements if they want to do some touristy things in the day. This package is a fasting program for either the three and a half or seven days.

The Spa Resort was actually the
first ‘proper’ spa on Samui. Quite a
claim to fame these days.

The benefits of fasting are unparalleled, Nick says. “After 36 hours of fasting, your body uses the enzymes it already creates to clean itself out. I liken it to a factory. If you keep a factory running all the time without stopping to clean it, then it doesn’t run efficiently. It becomes dirty and the equipment won’t work as well as it should. Similarly, your body can’t take the time to clean itself when it’s constantly using its energy and enzymes to digest the food you’re putting into it.”

A typical day for the fasters starts nice and early at 7:00 am with a detox drink. Then, throughout the day, they take herbal supplements, more shakes, perhaps a broth and, of course, the all-important twice-daily colemas. At the end of each day, they pop a probiotic tablet before bed, which helps to ‘recolonise’ the intestine with good bacteria. During the day, the fasters can try their hand at yoga, meditation or chi-gung classes, see a practitioner (one of the nutritionalists, life coaches, or reiki masters on-hand) or just have a massage or spa treatment.

In day-to-day life, it’s impossible to escape toxins. They’re everywhere these days,even in the air. So even if you maintain a great diet and exercise routine after cleansing, you’ll inevitably get some toxins back into your body. For that reason, many people return to The Spa Resort on a yearly basis. Nick describes it an annual MOT (British Ministry of Transport test for your car) but for yourself. He explains, however, that although it may sound like it, it’s not actually an uphill battle with toxins. “We think of it as two steps back, three steps forward.” People come back because they love the way it makes them feel – cleansed, refreshed and with a new lease of life.

Colonic irrigation may not be for everyone, but knowing it’s not that embarrassing after all means there’s one less reason to get flushed in the cheeks. For all the stigma that surrounds it, it seems it’s not such a pain in the bum after all.


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By Christina Wylie.



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