Sydney’s Ultimate Stunt Driving group provides driving lessons with a spin – literally. The only prerequisites are a full or provisional drivers license, and knowledge of where the brake and accelerator are.


Situated at the Sydney Dragway, the chirping of birds and revving of powerful engines provide the soundtrack, pierced often by the sound of screeching tyres and cheers of excitement.

After a quick safety briefing and demonstration, drivers are split up into three groups that rotate through the tasks.


The 180-degree hand brake turn is the most complex, requiring you to perform several steps but the instructor guides you through them: maintain a speed of 50km/h, pull the hand brake up, turn the wheel from 12 o’clock to 9 o’clock, hand brake down, and brake hard. These simple steps have you turning easily in a 180-degree rotation and skidding to a stop.

As you move on to the next exercise, it becomes evident that the brake is your best friend. Senior instructor Guy Stewart encourages you every step of the way, “Keep going, keep going, keep going.” he chants as you race down the track towards a wet piece of vinyl. With no more effort than accelerate, lift, and a “Wait for it – brake!” the car is sent spinning into a series of 360-degree turns. The record for the day was 4. It’s hard not to let out a scream or cheer as you’re being swept around, sent screeching over the wet asphalt.


The last course is the Morokhana Challenge, a tight obstacle course with what seems like an endless supply of cones. The objective? Get around the course as quickly as possible. What can only be described as chaos ensues as drivers hit cones, leave it too late to brake, and miss out on parts of the course entirely. This course really lets you explore the power of the vehicle.

Finally, you also get to be a passenger as the instructor hits a ramp that sends the car onto its two right wheels. Hold on tight on this one as the chances of a tyre blowing are high.

July 12, 2014 was the first day that people got to trial their new cars – modified Fiat500s. They couldn’t hide their excitement. The new Fiats “had us giggling like school girls.” says Ultimate Stunt Driving’s General Manager, Erin Canto.

The staff are safety minded, fun and friendly. The cars are small, fast and easy to drive. The challenges, which you get three attempts at, are exhilarating. You can also ride as a passenger in the car if you’re too scared to drive.


Whether behind the wheel or along for the ride, Ultimate Stunt Driving offers a day of fun, fast cars and teaches a few tricks that you don’t get to do on the roads. Even if you do come away with an Ultimate Stunt Driving certificate.


By Courtney Taylor


Ultimate Stunt Driving
w: www.sydneystuntdrivingschool.com.au
t: 1300 636 077
a: Western Sydney International Dragway, Ferrers Road, Eastern Creek, NSW 2766



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