Full-throttle adventure among the vines


You may have done winery tours on foot, on horseback and on a bicycle. You may even have enjoyed vineyard vistas and a chilled glass of bubbles aloft in a hot air balloon. If you’re looking for a new way to get among the grapes then check out Segway Geelong at the award-winning Leura Park Estate Vineyard about 20 minutes south of Geelong.

This is a full-throttle guided wine tour with twist. And it’s heaps of fun!

‘If you can stand, you can Segway,’ says company co-founder Tim, who was looking for a unique way to get people to take in the sights of the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula.

‘It’s more fun than riding a bike or a scooter and it’s a great way to get around the winery. Once we’ve covered the preliminary stuff – safety, rules, regulations – you don your helmet and off you go!’

20 minutes of training gets you up to speed in a flash and once you’ve mastered the balance and the stop-start by applying gentle pressure with your toes NOT by forcing the handlebars – that’s a big no-no, and if you push the Segway past its limits it will ‘growl’ at you – then it’s time to hit the paddock to perfect your figure-eights, have a group race and play a couple of Segway games like spot (avoid!) the rabbit burrows before heading into the vineyard.

Segways cruise at up to 20 kilometres per hour, so you can get up plenty of speed when you need to – and you need to at times to handle the undulating terrain and dirt tracks that run between the vines. The bumps only add to the fun and will get you giggling as you try race each other up and over the next hill.


The Segway and Dine Package gives you and your crew an action-packed and laughter-filled 90-minute guided tour through the spectacular rural landscapes that surround this magnificent 150-acre cool climate vineyard – if you’re lucky, the resident Labrador may even tag along.

When the ride is over and your Segway is safely parked, it’s time to slip into the cellar door for a complimintary al fresco platter, a tantalising selection of smoked meats and cheeses, house-made dips, fresh crusty bread and more, and a selection of gourmet pizzas washed down with a glass or two of the estate’s award-winning wines, or a beer or soft drink. A perfect segway really…

Leura Park Al Fresco + Pizza-1


By Tina Luton


Tina Luton experienced a Segway and Dine Package with Segway Geelong at Leura Park Estate, which costs $128. Segway Only Package costs $80. The Segway and Dine package runs from Thursday through Sunday and the Segway Only package runs daily. Packages can also be tailored for groups of four or more.


Segway Geelong, Leura Park Estate


t: Tim 0433 675 680

a: 1400 Portarlington Rd, Curlewis