Could this be the best all-in-one salon in Sydney?


Randwick is one of those places you know exists, but you just don’t know where.

About 15 minutes from Sydney Airport, the city suburb with a small-town feel is known for its racecourse and family friendly restaurants. But about six months ago, another family friendly drawcard took to the area: a salon aptly known as The Spot 2 B.

You’re probably thinking, “Wow… a salon… What’s so good about that? There’s one of those in every suburb!”

Yes, there sure is – but they ain’t nothing like this one!

Walk through the main entrance and you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just entered a toy shop; to the right are two planes, a roadster, a fire truck (all used as chairs) and mini television screens airing a very colourful children’s program.


Spotting a puzzled look, hairdresser Regina took the time to explain what really goes down here.

“It’s not easy for kids to get their hair cut. They could be going through the stage of saying ‘no’ to everything, or they could just be a bit scared about the whole idea. When they sit in our salon, they’ve got another focus – they can spin the steering wheel on their car, make the propeller go on their plane, or watch TV.”

Further through the salon is the adult zone, where mummies or daddies indulge in their hair treatment in the meantime.

About two minutes later, a little boy walked in, smiling from ear to ear, choosing the plane he was going to pilot for the next 20 minutes. He clearly needed no explanation.


Further through the salon is the adult zone, where mummies or daddies indulge in their hair treatment in the meantime. (Ladies, take note: manager Shannon does a killer blowdry! Having worked at L’Oréal and Weleda, she has very high beauty expectations.) This area also has a television, but it doesn’t show kids’ shows like the ones out front, oh no – this one has a live stream of the supervised play area out the back. Some call it spying, some call it responsible parenting – but isn’t it always a good idea to know what your littlie is up to? Crèche is run by Annie the nanny, who is equipped with qualifications in children’s services. She’s popular, though, so you’ll need to book her in advance.

Further along sits two ReVamp beauty rooms, used for everything from waxing and massages to mani/pedis and cosmeceutical treatments. Beauty therapist Julie – a former long-time employee of Ella Baché who was followed by her clients (she’s that good) – says in the wintertime, facials are the most popular treatment, as people are looking for a way to hydrate their skin. Always keeping up to date with the latest trends, Julie pulls out the latest manicure dryer. It’s LED, not UV – so there’s no need to be concerned about ending up with pigmentation or even skin cancer after years of use.

What else could there possibly be? Well, here goes… colour glosses, keratin, balayage, foils, ombré, ear piercing with a new machine that doesn’t make that scary sound, and even head-lice treatment (yep, there’s a dedicated room for it!). Oh, and little ones who come in for their first cut are given a special certificate with a lock of their hair. Too cute!


By Sarah Friggieri


The Spot 2 Be, Randwick


t: (02) 9399 3455

a: 22 Perouse Road, Randwick


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