A nine-course degustation and circus act with a difference


Walk through the Survivor-style fire torches out front, towards the well-dressed man in a top hat, and there’s no turning back. You’re in this for the long haul… but what is it you’re actually in for? The air of mystery can be cut with a knife. Nobody’s quite sure what’s about to happen – but everybody is ready for a drink.

The bar staff are run off their feet, and with signature cocktails like the fresh, zingy Slider on offer, it’s no surprise why. Then there’s the other factor: brides-to-be and their hens like to get loose.

After a couple of drinks, it’s time to meet tonight’s hostess, Verushka Darling. Is there anything better than the drag life? Over the course of the evening, Verushka changed outfits a whopping SEVEN times – and looked absolutely fab-u-lous in every single one! Her crowd-inspired jokes have the masses in fits of laughter, and her fashion has every woman stuck in bouts of envy. Her role as MC is an important one – and she introduces the acts (and busts a move a herself a little later) with flair.

Dressed in revealing skin-tight gear, acrobats from all over the globe fly through the air with the greatest of ease. Then there’s the cheeky pole-dancing performance and an incredibly sexy dance that would have bachelors bended down on one knee. In fact, it’s surprising more bachelor parties aren’t held here. It’s definitely encouraged – there’s beauty everywhere you turn. At the risk of sounding creepy, keep an eye out for the stunning blonde donning a mean sequinned bra poking through a black business jacket.

Keeping an open mind is key at Slide. After all, you may need to eat part of the nine-course El’ Circo degustation with your hands. Or you could look up and see a gorgeous man’s toned, almost-naked body next to you. Now there’s a story to tell…


Sarah Friggieri experienced El’ Circo at Slide, a nine-course degustation accompanied by nine circus acts, $109.




t: (02) 8915 1899


a: 41 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


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