Sydney Skydivers takes you on an intense journey, showing you some of the beautiful sights of Sydney from above before plummeting 14,000 feet towards the ground

Despite the knowledge that in a short 20 minutes you’ll be tumbling through the air, the plane ride up the 14,000 feet is an enjoyable experience. As you ascend through the clouds, the Blue Mountains can be seen in the distance and your instructor points out the sights. When you’ve reached 14,000 feet, a three-light system indicates how long until you jump. 3 minutes. 2 minutes. 1 minute. Go!

The fear affects everybody differently. Some people worry the night before, while for others the reality only kicks in when they’re strapping on their skydive gear. You might not even experience it until you’re on the plane, watching the first divers leap out.

When directed, you shuffle towards the plane’s open door and dangle your feet outside – the wind lashing roughly around your legs. Next, you cross your arms over chest, tilt your head back and before you know it, you’re out of the plane, hurtling towards the ground at 200 km an hour with nothing but nylon, a few pieces of string and a stranger to keep you safe.

The free-fall lasts a full 60 seconds. You may fall through a cloud, with nothing around you but a soft, fuzzy white mist. It doesn’t feel like falling though: skydiving is as close as a human can come to flying. The wind whips around your face, pulling back your cheeks.

After the parachute is pulled, you expect to be jolted. Instead, it’s smooth. The instructor may let you steer, allowing you to help navigate your way to the drop zone. As you near the ground, you’re instructed to lift your legs up to land smoothly – with just a soft thud. And then you’re finally back on solid ground.

The whole experience, from taking off in the plane to gliding back to earth, passes so quickly. But it’s worth it. The adrenaline that surges through your body leaves you feeling as though you can conquer anything.

The thrill, the rush, the sense of accomplishment. These things can’t really be explained. They just have to be experienced. So, go on. Leap.


By Courtney Taylor


Sydney Skydivers
t: (02) 9791 9155
a: 745 Picton Rd, Wilton, NSW



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