Never skip breakfast again


“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, or so go those annoying health clichés. And to be fair a cliché is usually annoying because it’s true, and we can’t consistently live up to the mantra.

Face it, who really has time to spend prepping and eating a leisurely breakfast containing all the five food groups and a bucket load of mindfulness in the mix? Most mornings are usually a frantic race to get out the door and arrive at work/school/uni exactly 10 milliseconds before you would officially be deemed late – again. If only there were a magic genie that could cover some of the essentials for you, right?

The team at Simply Breakfast may not be genies, but they must be geniuses who really understand the morning conundrum we all face because they’ve solved the breakfast problem for us. They offer a mouthwatering selection of freshly made, ready to eat breakfasts, home delivered to you vacuum-sealed for freshness. All you need do is heat and eat! Better still, the choices, which range from staples like toasted muesli and and eggs done several ways, to frittatas, chorizo, and Japanese glazed salmon, are surprising, delicious and incredibly nutritious.


Each meal has obviously been created with great consideration and a unique twist, adding that hint of sophistication. Take for example the creamy high-protein Bircher Muesli, full of fruity, nutty goodness and a power-packed chia seed sauce. Or the Green Omelette stuffed with zucchini, kale, Persian feta and pea tendrils, accompanied by a zingy herb sauce that is a nod to the East. The zucchini and corn fritters are so moreish the kids are likely to steal them off your fork before you get to dip them in the Mexican-inspired guacamole, and salsa side pots. And if you’ve come back from a big workout, the punch of the Sweet Potato and Cinnamon High-Protein Pancakes with vanilla bean yoghurt are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth without the guilt-factor.

Truth be told, the Simply Breakfast menu has so many yummy choices that it’s hard to choose, but in their wisdom they knew this, too, which is why they also offer easy groupings of four such as the Simply Starter or Simply Protein pack. Going by the evidence, we’re guessing besides the convenience and health benefits, eating these breakfasts might also make you smarter!


by Niyati Libotte


* Niyati Libotte received a home delivery of four simply breakfast meal selections to sample for this review.




Simply Breakfast


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