A tour of Sydney’s ghoulish past

We all know about Australia’s convict past, but have you ever thought about what happened after the first fleet set up shop in Sydney? What their lives were like and how those first settlers’ lives came to an end? Lantern Ghost Tours of The Rocks gives you a fascinating insight into how Sydney came to be, and covers some pretty spine-tingling tales while visiting areas where many of the first settlers met their fate.

Walking through the streets that were once run by gangsters, you learn all about the public executions, mass burials and of course the tragic accidents that occurred in a location that is now regarded as a tourist hotspot.

While this tour did not experience any paranormal activity that night, the eerie feeling was ever-present while standing on the grounds under the Harbour Bridge where one of the builders had fallen off the south pylon. John, the tour guide shared a story about one of the Bridge Climb employees who says he always feels like he is being watched while he takes people up to the top of the bridge.

Another spine-tingling location you visit is Observatory Hill. While it serves as a romantic spot for a picnic, this is where Sydney’s first hanging took place on one of the fig trees. You really can’t miss it, once you know what it was once used for.

This ghost tour of Sydney’s old-town, is full of interesting historical information, although if you’re looking for a serious fright, I would invest in a EVP machine and testing out the areas while touring these ghoulish haunts, because it’s not every night that they come out to play.


By Alex Lazcano


Alex Lazcano experienced the Haunted Sydney Ghost tour, which costs $34 or $55 for the tour plus dinner.


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