Handmade floral solutions that won’t break the bank


If you’ve ever been in hospital for a spell, had a blue day, or celebrated a special occasion, you’ll know the power of flowers to make that moment sweeter. But bouquets don’t come cheap any more with a simple bunch usually clocking in at over $50. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could go back in time to when we could just walk down the path and gather a simple bunch of freshly picked blooms from the hedgerow, tied together with a hair ribbon? Forget ostentation or rampant commercialism, whatever happened to it being “the thought that counts”?

Luckily there are others out there who feel the same and are staging a revival of the old ethos – with startling effect. Welcome to the new revolution in flower gifting – a service that recognises it’s not about the size or price, but the gesture of letting someone know you care. Enter Little Flowers, an online boutique that offers Sydneysiders a very affordable solution that won’t look cheap at all. They send one beautiful and exclusive bespoke bunch of fresh little blooms each day, same day delivery, for only $30.

Handpicked and wrapped in gorgeously textured hessian cloth, these super cute and affordable mini-bouquets cheer up the greyest day. Little Flowers’ modest and timeless arrangements may include classics such as rose or gerbera, or more unusual blooms. Whatever the mix, it’s guaranteed to be seasonal, thoughtfully put together and miles away from the usual sterile, plastic arrangements found in local or online stores. For example, the arrival of this elegant, earthy-scented bouquet of ranunculus, eriostemon and gum (pictured) was a welcome surprise to all the senses, and for once there was no trouble finding a vase to actually fit them in!

Next time you have a Valentine or a birthday girl to honour, know that you don’t have to be held to ransom by opportunistic flower services that cost the earth. You can simply say it with Little Flowers, fresh picked and real, the way flowers are meant to be.


Niyati Libotte had the mini-bouquet delivery, which costs $30 including delivery and is delivered to Sydney metro areas and adjacent suburbs.


By Niyati Libotte


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