Getting your hands dirty


For those of us who jump at the chance to get our hands dirty, Sajo Ceramics provides the perfect opportunity. Nestled next to Mount Dandenong in Kilsyth South, this studio offers a range of weekday and weekend classes in throwing, sculpting, pottery and ceramics.

Owner Jo Maggs explains that classes often include a mix of beginners, intermediates and experts, with sessions being tailored to individual levels. Her unique approach to casual classes means that participants are able to have a go and get in touch with their creative side, without having to make a long-term commitment from the outset (although long-term commitments are certainly encouraged).

Kevin, a professional potter by trade, is our instructor for the morning and demonstrates the step-by-step process of preparing, throwing and shaping the clay on the potter’s wheel. ‘Just keep trying’ is his methodology, slowly building our confidence and revealing the art of sensory awareness and engagement with the materials.


A great pile of clay is set before us and somehow we manage to work our way through the entire thing over the 2 1/2 hour period – we’re assured that this is normal for beginners. The technique gradually begins to make sense as we learn to feel for the centredness of the clay on the wheel, and the subtle hand movements required to mould and shape.

Throughout our class the studio is filled with eager potters, some who have only been coming for six weeks, and others who have been doing it for years and years. By the end of the morning our clothes are spattered with clay, the rejects far outnumber the finished products, yet pure delight and satisfaction are written all over our faces. A few deft movements from Kevin and our bowls are ready for firing and glazing.

Sajo Ceramics offers a range of services, even creating products for Australian designers using both slip casts and moulding by hand. Visitors can purchase the ceramic products displayed around the studio – things like mugs, bowls, vases, tiles and a whole host of other unique and colourful creations.

Whether you’re a seasoned potter or a complete novice, Sajo Ceramics creates a relaxed and fun environment to grow your skills and being inspired.


by Rachel Mason


Rachel Mason experienced the One Time Wheel Taster Class, which costs $70. For more information of classes, times and bookings, visit the website listed below.


SaJo Ceramics


t: P (03) 9761 1336 M + 61421699282

a: 11 Lillypilly Lane, Kilsyth Sth, Melbourne



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