Sydneysiders (and soon to be Melbournians), you can now get alcohol delivered to your door and it won’t cost an arm and a leg – some drinks are even cheaper than a bottle shopAwesome Products

Scratch your detox plans, folks, because there’s now a ridiculously easy way to get alcohol delivered to your door without the markup you’d assume such a service would have. Not that we’re advocating laziness, but why get off the couch when you don’t have to? It is winter, don’t you know?

QuickBottle, a Sydney-based alcohol delivery service, has recently launched a price-match campaign. They’ve picked the most-sold products in beer and spirits, negotiated prices with their suppliers, and the outcome is a range of drinks that people love at awesome prices. And get this, folks – some of the prices are even better than bottle shops.

The QuickBottle service is perfect for if you’re cosying up on the couch with a date and want to order in a cheeky bottle of red, if you’re watching the footy with mates and need a few extra frothies, or are just having a takeaway curry for one and want a few sips (or more) of your favourite bevvy (we won’t tell).

Co-Founder Marc Chris says, “Let’s face it, no one wants to drive in traffic, battle bad weather, look for parking and wait in queues at bottle shops. Especially if it’s the weekend and all you want is a few beers or a bottle of wine. That’s why we’re here! We’ll do all the driving and the waiting. All you need to do is choose the drinks you want, and we’ll deliver them straight to you. It’s really that easy.”

Their mobile site is so easy to use that after you sign up you can order from your phone in seconds – dangerous, we know!

There’s also a dedicated service for corporate companies. “It’s like having your own personal concierge – always happy to give advice or recommendations on any size event. Whether it’s after-work drinks, a work function or simply sending a thank you gift, we will get the job done,” Marc says.


QuickBottle has plans to launch in Melbourne soon so watch this space!



w: www.quickbottle.com.au

t: 0421 547 867

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