Get your adrenaline pumping and take in some pristine views on a Q1 SkyPoint Climb

08 SkyPoint Climb

Imagine scaling the pinnacle of Surfers Paradise – 270 meters above sea level with 360-degree, uninterrupted views. This is Australia’s largest external building walk, where sweaty palms are part of the deal and you’re guaranteed to have something to write home about.

The journey kick-starts at mission control. After suiting up and donning a harness, the countdown begins. Accept the fact that you look like one of the Ghostbusters and follow your tour leader up to the SkyPoint lounge bar.

01 SkyPoint Climb

Remember to embrace the moment and try to subdue your nerves as the safety clip of your harness locks onto the railing. And then the sheer glass door leading to the first steps of the climb is pulled back and it’s go time.

The transition from a luxury bar to the open air is a serious rush.

You’ll climb the first set of stairs and be amazed by the stunning scenery.

04 SkyPoint Climb

If your knees aren’t wobbling too much when you reach the first checkpoint, lean over the edge and look directly down.

Next stop is the summit platform. Here you can opt to lean backwards over the drop. Do so and you’ll be embraced by the powerful wind and truly feel on top of the world.

As you take a minute to catch your breath, the view will surely take it away again. From the summit platform you get unspoiled panoramic views of the area’s long white beaches and rolling hinterland – even locals will be blown away.

Your tour leader will also give you some pure gems of information about the coast. Such as the fact that there are nine times more canals here than there are in Venice. 

After around 90 minutes, you’ll be back in the SkyPoint lounge bar where you can choose to stay for some fine wining and dining.

The experience comes with a few guarantees: you will have a great story to tell, you will see unimaginable views and you will get an unbelievable rush.


By Scott Bidmead


SkyPoint Climb, Q1 Gold Coast
t: (07) 5582 2700
w: www.skypoint.com.au
a: 9 Hamilton Avenue, Surfers Paradise, 
Queensland, 4217 Australia

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