Pole Fitness Cairns offers a challenging and unique workout that leaves you feeling utterly exhausted but completely empowered

There’s nothing remotely easy about pole dancing. After all, you’re swinging your body around a pole using only your arms, or suspending yourself from a pole using only your legs. But while pole dancing may be challenging, it’s also both fun and rewarding.

The biggest reward is the sense of accomplishment you feel when you learn a trick or move you never thought possible. Over time, your fitness will improve and you’ll regain confidence you never knew you lost.

But perhaps most importantly, what pole fitness can offer you that other workouts can’t is a unique sense of empowerment. Pole dancing is a sport that requires endurance, strength and flexibility, and unlike some other workouts that only cater to one of those components, pole fitness challenges you to work on all three at once.

Located in the back studio of Club One Fitness Gym on Sheridan Street, Pole Fitness Cairns is a small, all-inclusive gym run by a talented and enthusiastic team of certified pole instructors. Monica Reid, the head instructor and owner, encourages participants of all ages, genders and fitness levels – all class activities are customisable for the participant.

There’s a range of courses offered by the studio that cater to everyone, from beginners to experienced dancers. Prices and timetables are available online and booking is recommended to ensure you don’t miss out.

At its core, pole fitness is empowering and stimulating, and Pole Fitness Cairns is the perfect studio to introduce to you to your new favourite sport, with encouraging and fun instructors, a small and inclusive class and the knowledge of expert pole dancers at your fingertips.


By Rebecca Gillies


Photo credit: Kathryn Evans


Pole Fitness Cairns Dance Studio
w: www.polefitnesscairns.com.au
t: 0424 715 354
a: Club One Fitness Gym – 219 Sheridan Street, Cairns, QLD, 487

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