The stigma of pole dancing


By Nikki Pike from Juicee Peach Fitness Wear

For decades, pole dancing has been conceived as a sleazy gentleman’s club dance performed in strip bars – an image that many pole dancing enthusiasts have tried hard to change. However, the skimpy clothes worn in pole dancing routines has made this challenge more difficult.

But there’s no stopping these women – they’re determined to show to the world that pole dancing is both a sport and an art that is to be appreciated. They organised tournaments and attracted pole dancers from around the globe. They advertised and never grew tired explaining to the world that pole dancing is to be respected.


Even actresses and famous personalities are learning the art of pole dancing. This includes Jessica Alba, Carmen Electra, Demi Moore, Amber Rose and Emma Watson. Even kids courageously climb the pole and perform their routines.

Today, many look up to pole dancers as they soon realise how physically demanding it is. The effort, dedication and time spent by these women are now recognised and appreciated. They are seen by many as gymnasts rather than strippers.


With the massive increase in people taking to the sport, the stigma is slowly being stripped away. The focus has now been shifted to it being a fun and fabulous way to get fit and healthy.

Just watching some of these girls perform at competitions is already incredible. Most men would be hard pushed to do what they do with their strength.

Pole dancing has come a long way. We don’t know what its future will be, but one thing we are most certain of is this – more and more people will embrace it as a sport.



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