If heaven were a place on earth, it just might be at Piaf Day Spa.


Imagine being pampered from head to toe in the most luxurious of all settings where the only sounds are of water falling and birds chirping. Imagine looking out the window at a luscious green forest bursting with ferns and old gum trees while detoxifying your body in a cocoon of essential oils. This is your experience at Piaf Day Spa.

Your skin will feel tighter and your shoulders will feel lighter.

Located in the Yarra Valley, the adventure to this boutique day spa begins when you hit the road. The hour-long drive is an indulgence of stunning scenery all the way out to Healesville, but the real treat is arriving at the gorgeous, secluded lodge nestled amongst 10 acres of forest.

The serenity is noticeable the moment you walk through the door where you are greeted by owner Marnie, who is waiting for you with your slippers. Immediately you feel worlds away from reality as you slip into a fluffy white robe and wait by the fire for your treatment to begin.

You are then greeted by one of the polite and friendly staff who takes you down to the outdoor hydro-spa to warm yourself up in preparation for the next three hours. Allow the jets to massage away any tension in your muscles as you look out to the breath-taking scenery of the sunlit forest. Breathe in the cool, crisp air as you soak your body in the hot water.

When your half hour in the spa is up, it’s time for an ultimate pampering experience like no other. You are taken to the private treatment room where you get ready for your massage and facial. Comfort is of utmost importance here and the beds are heated to ensure you are cosy and relaxed.

The treatment begins with a unique Moora Massage Ritual using bamboo sticks and is followed by an intense full-body massage at your desired strength. This massage includes a cleansing ginger and lime exfoliation to rid your body of any dead skin cells and immediately your skin feels revived and brand new.


Your body is then covered in the most delicious smelling ginger and lime body mask before it is wrapped in a detoxifying body cocoon. At this stage it is near impossible not to fall asleep as your body submits itself to complete and utter relaxation. While wrapped in your cocoon you receive a relaxing Youth Elixir Superior Hydration Facial, where a combination of vitamins and omega oils work to transform your complexion into a younger, brighter, less stressed from daily life version of itself.

Your body is then washed off and once you have stopped dreaming it is time to come back to life with one of their refreshing herbal teas.

Marnie’s hard work and passion is evident in every detail of Piaf Day Spa. The staff are impeccably trained so that each individual receives exactly the same experience. The care they put into each treatment is evident and their attention is on you the entire duration of your time there.

Like a butterfly leaving its’ cocoon, you, too, will leave Piaf Day Spa feeling like a new person. Your skin will feel tighter and your shoulders will feel lighter. This place will make you never want to leave.


Sarah Lamont experienced the Amarina-rain package, 3.5 hours, $450. This package comes with a free Waterlily vanilla bean body balm. 


 Piaf Day Spa

Where: 711 Don Road, Healesville.

Phone: 03 59622797 or 0432 543 146.

Website: www.piafsalon.com.au


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