When was the last time you were truly creative?

Arranging your food on a plate doesn’t count. Neither does coordinating your bag to match your shoes.

True creativity is getting your hands dirty, filling a blank canvas, letting your mind run wild – even if it does involve a wine or two.

Cork and Chroma seeks to facilitate true creativity with their range of ‘paint and sip’ art classes in the West End.

On any given night, visitors bring a bottle of wine (or two) and sit down to learn the basics of painting on canvas in a relaxed setting among friends.

There’s no template to follow and no judgement – you’re free to let your creative juices flow in any way that you like.

Each night comes with a different theme and a stimulus at the front of the class, and ultimately results in a wide range of masterpieces – no two artworks are ever the same.

The idea was born when Chicago-come-Brisbane creative Hillary Wall saw a gap in the market for people to come together, create and be truly present with each other.

Since opening its doors a mere seven months ago, the classes haves seen hundreds of Brisbaneites go from finger painting aficionados to fully fledged Van Goghs and it’s a concept that has people coming back for more.

Cork and Chroma offers a unique alternative to your usual night out: the chance to enjoy good wine, good company and (surprisingly) good art.

They offer a selection of snacks to share so be prepared to balance your wine glass and paintbrush all the while keeping your fingers free to nibble.

You can be as creative as you like, whether you prefer a little impressionism, have more of a literal take on things or want to throw a bit of modernism into the mix – there’s no limit to your creativity.

Cork and Chroma will have you unleashing your true creativity in ways you never thought you could.


By Melissa Yeo


Cork & Chroma
t: 0402 718 253
a: 44 Montague Rd, South Brisbane 4101

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