Head on over to Western Australia for a true Aussie adventure

Hop on a flight to Perth to experience WA’s largest city for a night before you kick off the adventure experience of a lifetime. There are beaches, gorges, waterfalls, swimming holes, hikes, world-class snorkelling spots and so much more just waiting to be explored.

Although Western Australia’s size may initially seem daunting, there are so many great ways to travel around the area. For ultimate freedom you can’t beat a rental car, but when travelling longer distances that’s not always the best option. For those instances, you can take advantage of the multitude of coach and bus tours available (many of which you can get hop on, hop off passes for), or use the public rail service, TransWA.

Finding accommodation in Western Australia is relatively easy, however, proximity to the more remote places of interest is a key factor when choosing where to stay.

Rottnest Island


This tiny island off the West Coast of Perth has 63 beaches and boasts some superb snorkelling sites. More importantly, it’s home to hordes of super-cute quokka, who love to approach humans, but please don’t touch or feed them! There’s lots to see on this historically rich island and there are plenty of ways of getting around this hidden gem, so rock up and enjoy Rottnest Island.

Gibb River Road


Australia’s Kimberly region is considered the final wilderness frontier by many. This huge untouched area is packed with gorges, waterfalls, savannahs and impressive bushland, and the best way to see it all is via the Gibb River Road.

You’ll need a 4WD to get around, but the rough road will be well worth the bumpy ride. Explore Australia how it used to be in a land more populated by freshwater crocs than humans. You can even go swimming with these surprisingly friendly characters, if you dare!

Ningaloo Reef


Did you ever wish you had visited The Great Barrier Reef before it was spoilt by mass tourism? Then check out its little sister, right here on the West Coast. Ningaloo Reef is still pristine and easily accessible from the shore at Exmouth by a quick swim. A huge highlight of this adventure is the opportunity to swim with the enormous whale sharks that are commonplace here – definitely one not to be missed.

Karijini National Park


This breathtakingly spectacular park has scenery every which way you look. Magnificent gorges and picturesque swimming holes characterise this vast area. One of the best ways to get around is to take one of the numerous walking trails available. These are classified with regards to their difficulty and danger, so avoid a Class 6 trail unless you’ve got ropes and pulleys, and have packed a spare death-wish!


by Jeremy Briggs


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