Welcome to Kerasma Tuesday at The Press Club

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“The more mess you make the better!” the waitress tells us as we embark on our evening at The Press Club. The occasion? The launch of the new Kerasma Tuesday menu concept at George Calombaris’ fine Greek restaurant, The Press Club.

The Greek word kerasma translates to “treat”, but there’s a lot more to the meaning than just that – it brings with it connotations of hospitality, and the idea of bringing people together through food.

A meal at The Press Club always includes a bit of theatre. Not in an in-your-face fashion, but in a way that gives you a touch of that kid-at-Christmas feeling. Dehydrated hors d’oeuvres hanging from a rotary clothes line feature in one of his dishes, and liquid nitrogen poured at the table in another.

And whilst the kerasma concept hails from far more humble roots, there are a few elements of the theatric to keep you on your toes.

The meal kicked off with koulouraki (Greek Easter cookies) with butter and olive oil, before moving on to an array of starter dishes: pickled mussels with baby veg, baklava saganaki, mackerel with apple and yoghurt, and DIY tzatziki with fermented veggies and crackers.

It’s then on to hummus with black garlic and daikon, before a pretty prawn dish comprising a single – but meaty – prawn wrapped in Greek filo pastry sitting in a deliciously potent bisque-like broth.

And then it’s time for the main event: a hearty Greek lamb stew, lamb stifatho – a home-style favourite. You’re served a bowl jam-packed with slow-cooked, tender lamb chunks, and some lamb skewers alongside it (you can never have too much lamb) brought over on a smoking mini-barbecue. The air fills with the scent of the red-hot coals and sizzling meat, evoking a Greek family barbecue.

Dessert doesn’t disappoint, either. It’s a light-as-air chocolate soufflé accompanied by skewered marshmallows, which are given the blow-torch treatment at the table to impart a little char.

To get the full experience, go for the wine pairing. You’re served sparkling, white, red and dessert wines – all Greek, all delicious.

The cosy, comfy seating and intimate setting at The Press Club – the restaurant comprises only 10 booths in total – lends itself perfectly to the Kerasma Tuesday concept.

We left the meal relaxed, fed exceptionally well, and had even learnt a bit about a Greek tradition – not bad for a Tuesday.


By Christina Wylie


The Press Club


t: (03) 9677 9677

a: 72 Flinders St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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