A nurturing, supported juice cleanse in the heart of Byron Bay

If you’ve ever considered a juice fast but were too scared to go it alone, Naked Treaties provides the perfect guided program that gently eases you into the process of cleansing.

Byron Bay is well known for all things health and wellness. With yoga studios galore, and wellness centres on every corner, it’s no surprise that conscious food options can also be found in abundance. But Naked Treaties is certainly a cut above the others, offering every kind of green smoothie imaginable, as well as delicious raw food. Packed with good vibes, the space is bright, friendly and inviting and smoothies come with names in the form of an affirmation.

The week before your cleanse, Jemma, owner of Naked Treaties, will check in with you via email providing some pre-cleansing tips and support. On the first morning of your cleanse you’re invited to come into the ‘little shop of smiles’ to collect your cooler bag filled with up to seven nutrient-dense beverages specially chosen to guide you easily into the experience. These are made up of a combination of cold-pressed juices, smoothies and raw soups (for dinner). You’re also given a booklet with lots of juicy details about cleansing, why we do it, how to do it effectively and what you can expect to come up both physically and emotionally throughout the process. In addition, you receive a notebook of recipes to inspire you to continue on your journey of health and wellness post-cleanse.

Each morning you visit the shop to pick up your day’s juices, easily packed into a cooler bag and ready to be enjoyed throughout the day. All juices and smoothies have been specially chosen to facilitate the cleansing process, so there’s no need to um and ah over a menu beforehand – which makes the whole experience as stress free as it can be, given that you’ll be parting with your beloved solids for almost an entire week. Expect fruity smoothies, bitter vegetable juices, hydrating coconut water blends and comforting savoury soups that can be lightly warmed.

The cleansing process itself is different for everyone, depending on how much of a foodie you are and how toxic your system is. As a general rule, Naked Treaties advises that you cleanse during a time when you have plenty of space to rest, but if you’re an avid cleanser it’s possible to go about your daily routine while nurturing your body with this liquid feast. If it all gets a bit too much and you need to cheat, your pre-cleanse guide gives you some helpful hints on some items in your fridge to reach for if you’re in dying need of some chew time.

Post-cleanse you’ll feel fresh and renewed, with a whole new attitude towards and relationship with food.


by Jessica Humphries


Naked Treaties


t: 02 6685 7856

a: 2/3 Marvell Street, Byron Bay, NSW, 2481




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