If you’ve ever tried mezcal, the distilled nectar of the agave plant, chances are you’ve slammed it down with a lick of salt, a suck of lemon and a shudder. But señors and señoritas, there is another way.


Duck down a side enclave off Hall Street in Bondi to find Mr Moustache, the mezcal specialists with over 100 different types of the stuff lining the back mirrored wall. If you want to be re-educated mezcal-wise – this is the place.

Try a Mary Jane with mezcal, cucumber, lemon and habanero agave for a fresh tasting cocktail with a bit of a burn. It looks like a green juice in a martini glass so you can at least partially fool yourself into thinking you’re drinking something healthy. The Agave Penicillin with lemon and ginger also goes down with a refreshing zing.

If you prefer something a little sweeter, the margarita with orange juice could be one of my favourite margaritas around.

But to drink a mezcal or tequila the way a good one should be enjoyed, it should be sipped slowly from a shot glass. I was sceptical at first (that I could actually enjoy it in this way) but I forged ahead and after my first sip, which was a bit like a slap in the face, I could begin to appreciate the smoky flavours.

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And nothing goes better with straight tequila than the freshest Mexican food. At Mr Moustache you’ll find the best, most colourful Mexican street food with all of the taste and none of the worry of eating on a real Mexican street corner.

Served up by the well-dressed waitstaff, the guacamole and beetroot chips were a delicious and colourful indication of the food festival to come. The mini esquites were a tiny tasty treat. This is the number-one street food in Mexico and features chargrilled corn kernels topped with mayo, fresco cheese and chilli powder. The tostadas with raw tuna, crispy cucumber and avocado were a dish I could go back to again and again. The watermelon salad, comprising serrano ham, cotija cheese and watercress, is a surprisingly perfect combination of sweet and salty.


Mr Moustache


a: 61-79 Hall Street, Bondi


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