A service that provides ladies with the perfect gentleman to answer their every beck and call, treat them like a queen, and provide them with compliments every quarter of an hour


This is ManServants’ answer to that age-old question “What do women really want?”

Before jumping to any conclusions, no, this is not a prettied up male stripper service. ManServants offer a classier and non-sexual alternative. Imagine the most gorgeous man in a suit or tux making you cocktails on demand, doing a dramatic reading of your favourite poems or sonnets, proposing to you in public just so you can reject him, or even braiding your hair. This is the kind of service that ManServants offers.

The company originally started as a joke between the founders Josephine Wai Lin and Dalal Khajah. The two were advertising copywriters at the time. They wanted to hire a handsome, smart and charming assistant for a co-worker’s birthday to do menial office tasks. After failing to find what they were looking for on Craigslist and TaskRabbit, they ended up hiring a stripper who wasn’t really up to the task. This, in turn, was followed up by a request for a good-looking man that didn’t strip at a bachelorette party. The start-up business released a promotional video that went viral. The video showed the not-always-so appealing experience of being grinded on by a male stripper, in contrast to being treated like a queen by a manservant.

Heartbreak Manservant

So what does hiring a manservant entail? The men, also called manservants, can be hired for standard services listed on their website; such as waiting on you hand and foot, serving drinks, taking photos, and giving round the clock compliments. These manservants can also be hired for specific duties. There’s the Heartbreak Manservant for someone who has had a recent breakup; promised to “destroy all evidence of her ex’s existence, list off all the amazing things about her (and terrible about him), and remind her she’s better off.” There’s also the Domestic Manservant who “does light cleaning without the nagging and all of the adoration.”

In the booking section of ManServant’s website, potential clients can choose the type of manservant they want. He can be a butler type that stays in the background or he can be an entertainer that gets the party started. After providing a description of the event for which a manservant is being hired for, there’s a section called The Fun Part. Here, the client provides a name for the manservant and any special requests that they may have. This is the part where one can fulfil all their hair braiding fantasies. This also where clients get choose their top three types of what they want their manservant to look like.

All of the manservants are ridiculously attractive. There is only a small pool of manservants in each city to ensure that all the manservants are vetted to the company’s standards in terms of physical appearance and other qualities required for being the perfect manservant. The company also enforces a strict rule that manservants cannot engage in sexual activities with clients. They are also prohibited from revealing anything about their real lives while they are on the clock, which includes their real names. Wai Lin told TechCrunch, “Women can sometimes get hung up on one of our guys, so we have to protect the men.” In another interview with Ann Friedman of the Guardian, Wai Lin says, “That’s one of the reasons why we want to protect their identities. We don’t want any awkward Facebook requests. Or stalking.” The clients are also required to agree to an Acceptable Behavior Policy. The manservants are not allowed to drink or do drugs while on the job and they cannot break out of character.

ManServants definitely provide a unique service that caters to females’ and some males’ fantasies of pampering and luxury. It has been subject to some criticism for being sexist, but founder Wai Lin says that because ManServants has created an experience intended particularly to provide to women’s needs, it considers itself a feminist startup. Currently, ManServants provides their services in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and New York City.


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