Proving that men like to look and feel good too, this male-only day spa is welcoming, encouraging and seriously relaxing


Going to a day spa as a male can be a little confronting. As you walk in the door, there’s an immediate feeling that every head has turned to look at you, followed by the obligatory whispers and sniggering. Of course, that’s more than likely just in your head, but it feels a little intimidating nonetheless.

There are a couple of things about going to Man, What a Fuss in Docklands, Melbourne that make the day spa experience a lot easier.


Firstly, it’s male-only, so any paranoia of female intimidation can be left outside. Secondly, it’s far more than just a day spa.

In fact, Man, What a Fuss started as a hair salon, which is still a large part of its operation. For some, the experience stops there. But others venture through the magic door to the day spa to indulge in a facial, massage, body scrub, pedicure or one of the other many treatments.


The décor is sophisticated and relaxing in a – dare we say it – masculine sort of way. The treatment rooms are private and comforting and the therapies, well, let’s just say they’re amazing. A peppermint head massage is highly recommended to set the tone for relaxation, and if there’s a word good enough to describe a salt body scrub with Vichy shower I don’t know what it is. There’s a wide range of packages to help make choosing your treatments easier – and tailored experiences are always available.


The real beauty of place, however, lies in its philosophy and the staff.

The underlying objective of Man, What a Fuss is for the customer to feel as comfortable as possible. So if that means you want to sit back in silence while you’re pampered through a treatment, then you can. However, if you want to get some advice or learn more about your treatment, then you can ask away and not risk feeling embarrassed.


“In many cases, a man will come to us because they want to know more,” explains site manager Gaetana Trapani.

“It might be as simple as the desire to try a new hairstyle, but not knowing where to start or whether the look would work for them.”

“Sometimes it could be that they’re using some styling product that they ‘borrow’ from their partner without realising that it doesn’t really work with their hair. Other times we might get a man who’s keen to learn more about how to look after his skin, but doesn’t know who to ask without feeling silly. Sometimes there’s a little education, but it’s always about feeling good and refreshed.”


Of course, there are men who are ‘sent in’ by their partners – be it for a little clean up and maintenance or to ensure he will look his best for a special day – but as spa therapist Isla Hutchinson says, there’s never any resistance.

“If we need to, we’ll explain what’s going to happen and put any concerns to bed. And then, after that it’s a case of sitting back and enjoying the treatment.”


By Jonathan Green


Man, What a Fuss
t: (03) 9602 5661
a: 7/818 Bourke Street, Docklands, Melbourne,
Victoria, 3008


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