Forget what you thought you knew about makeup and learn how to master it with Look Academy’s cosmetic master classes that will leave you looking like a runway model. Pucker up, ladies

Ever looked at celebrities in magazines or on television and wondered how they look so flawless? Their airbrushed skin shows no sign of foundation lines or blemishes. Their eyes are bursting with colour with the combination of just enough eye liner, mascara and eye shadow. Their lips are complemented with a well-matched lipstick. Surely real women don’t look like this in everyday life, and if they do, you want to know how you can look like that as well. Now you can.

A wonderful insight into the basics of professional makeup and how it can be applied to give you that flawless finish.

The Look Academy is an industry-based business that runs makeup classes taught by renowned makeup artists. The intimate classes are a great opportunity to team up with your girlfriends and boost your cosmetic application skills in just three hours. Hosted by pro photo, TV and film industry makeup artist Andi Covento (who has worked on Home & Away), the Introduction To Makeup Mastery Class offers a wonderful insight into the basics of professional makeup and how it can be applied to give you that flawless finish.

In order to start the class with a fresh face, everyone is instructed to remove their makeup. Andi then matches a foundation to each individual’s skin tone and shows you how to put it on. After that it’s time to apply the concealer to the spots you want to cover up the most, like blemishes and under the eyes. This comes as a surprise to many of the class who, up until now, had been putting concealer on before their foundation. The following step is a finishing powder, which gives a flawless result.

The focus now turns to eyes and each individual gets to experiment with different eye shadows. Andi demonstrates how to blend different colours to bring out the eyes without going too 1980s, and everyone attempts to create their own eye magic. The enhancement continues with the application of eye liner, mascara (and lash curler) and lastly but most importantly, the eyebrows. This is where you really get to understand the importance of makeup brushes and how to properly use them to outline and shape your brows. The class finishes off with learning how to contour the cheek bones with blush and finally choosing a lip colour to match the complete look.

Overall, this three-hour makeup class is a great introduction to professional makeup application and the different ways it can be used to enhance the things we love about ourselves and hide the things we don’t. Andi is an expert in the field and her skills are portrayed in the knowledge she has about cosmetics and how they work for different people.

Nothing is forced and because the class is taught through self-application, everybody has the opportunity to change something if they don’t like it. Whether you learn new skills or just experiment with the variety of different products, you’re guaranteed to have an enjoyable night out and leave feeling like a beauty queen.


The three-hour introduction to Make Up Mastery class usually costs $239, but GAB readers can get it for just $49 pp using the code TGAB49!

To get this price, send a booking enquiry to, follow the instructions received to book in and pay on the day. 

Alternatively, a one-on-one class is two hours and costs $239.00


By Sarah Lamont


Look Academy, St Kilda, Melbourne


t: 03 9018 5321

a: Studio 6, 171 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda, Melbourne


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