Boost your beauty techniques and master the art of make-up


Ever tried for a smoky eye and ended up looking a little less Emma Watson and a little more drag queen? Experimenting with make-up can be great – if it works. Otherwise, well, we all learn from our mistakes, right?

We often stick to what we know (or think we know) when it comes to make-up. However, if you’re ready to shake up your look and get some tips from the professionals, then The Look Academy can help.

Introductory to Make-up Mastery is an intensive, three-hour lesson on the basics of professional make-up application. Whether you don’t wear much at all or have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing, you can still learn a lot from this class. With only 12 places available, there’s plenty of individual attention and the advice will be tailored to your level of competency.

Classes are led by leading professional industry makeup artists from the fashion, magazine, TV and film industry. This class was led by professional make-up artist Chereine Waddell.

It begins with an introduction to the types of brushes and how to use them correctly. After applying moisturiser and primer with the right tools, Chereine matches everyone with the correct foundation. Hint: next time you’re at the beauty counter, the best place to match your foundation to your skin tone is not your wrist or face – but your décolletage.

Once the base layers are in place, it’s time to tackle contouring. Forget the chiselled cheekbones of Kim Kardashian, you should be aiming for a much more natural look which can be achieved with a highlighting powder and light bronzer. According to Chereine, the art of good make-up is to look like you aren’t wearing much at all.

Next up are lips, with some great tips on low maintenance ways to wear bold shades throughout the day, before some quality time is spent mastering the fuller brow. Last but not least are eyes, where Chereine takes the class through the best looks for day and night, focusing on blending and shading.

If you’re new to make up, you’ll leave feeling far more confident on how to apply a level of coverage you’re comfortable with. If you’re a make-up fanatic, there are still some great gems of wisdom in this course that will revolutionise the way you wear make-up on a day-to-day basis.

Chereine’s number one tip? Never underestimate the power of a light touch. Remember, ladies, less is more.


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Look Academy

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