One hell of a day out

Red, amber…go!

Foot flat to the ground, the engine bellows and you lurch forward. Before you know it, you’re flying towards the first bend. You wrench the steering wheel left, brushing the tyre barriers that line the track as you clear the corner with just millimetres to spare.  Screams from the sidelines and the roar of another engine lets you know that someone is gaining on you. You veer sharply in front of them – there’s no way they’re getting past!

Three, four, five laps. Your confidence grows. You speed up alongside other racers, choosing the perfect moment to cut in front of them, getting closer to the front of the pack. You’re screeching around corners and your foot is flat to the floor down the straights. You know this is going to be your best race time yet – you’ve barely touched the brake. You can see the finish line – you’re nearly there. The lights go red as you coast over the finish line in first place.

It sounds like a day in the life of a famous racecar driver. Or, a day out at Kingston Park Raceway.

Since opening in Brisbane in 1997, Kingston Park Raceway is now a must-do experience for all die-hard adrenaline junkies, thrill seekers and daredevils. With over 100 karts and three different racetracks, Kingston Park Raceway offers a range of experiences for racers of every age and ability.

Hardcore speed demons can jump into a seriously fast Schumacher kart and go for a spin around the 1,100-metre Le Mans racetrack. Full of hairpin corners and sneaky s-bends, this track is not for the faint of heart.

For beginners and younger racers, the 605-metre Monte Carlo racetrack offers just as much excitement, but at a lower cost. With two types of kart (Predator and Formula) on offer, the wait times between races are also shorter on the Monte Carlo, making this the perfect track for birthday parties or group outings.

Little racers can also get involved by getting down to the Indy track. With karts suitable for kids five to 10 years old, the Indy track has rubber bumpers the whole way around, making sure the kids can have a blast racing, while staying safe at the same time.

Kingston Park Raceway also offers a variety of entertainment off the track, including bungee jumping, a video-arcade-style games room and a range of rides and activities for visitors who may not be so keen on the racetrack, or aren’t yet tall enough to reach the pedals.

Feel free to pack lunch – undercover picnic and barbeque areas are plentiful and cater for small groups all the way through to big parties. Otherwise, the Pit Stop Café offers a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, snacks, meals and sugary treats. Kingston Park Raceway offers packages for families, birthday parties and even corporate functions. Open seven days a week, rain or shine, it guarantees one hell of a day out.


By Rosie Jumelet



Kingston Park Raceway
t: (07) 3826 2222
a: 20 Mudgee Street, Kingston, Brisbane, Queensland 4114

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