Juice cleanse – it’s a spa treatment for your insides


Christmas is long gone, your New Year resolutions have possibly flown the coop, and Easter is fast approaching, bringing with it a whole new set of challenges and temptations. Seriously, how much damage can hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies do? Plenty!

Carb and sugar overloads put strain on your body and can leave you feeling sluggish, rubbish and rundown as your vital organs go into overdrive to eliminate these toxins from your system.

A juice cleanse will give your body the break it deserves. Juice requires almost no digestion so your body will absorb nutrients faster and more easily, giving you maximum nutrition with a powerhouse burst of energy and alertness.

Juice Junction is a Melbourne-based company that offers a preservative-free range of 100 per cent cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices to suit first-timers and experienced cleansers. Go online, choose the type and length of cleanse (from one to seven days), place your order and a perfectly packed foam cooler will be delivered straight to your door. Simple.

Juices are in 500 ml bottles and have funky names like Liver Assist – a perfect first juice of the morning to give your liver a kickstart – Lemon Aid, Twenty Four Carat, Mint Condition, Roots ‘n’ All, and Green Earth, which is packed with cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, kale, cos and lemon. There are plenty of beverages on the menu, including your night-time treat, Almond Mylk – a delicious blend of activated almonds, dates, vanilla bean and Himalayan salt in filtered water.


On top of your delicious, nutrient rich juices you get sachets containing two other items to consume during your cleanse – this is where Juice Junction is a little different from others you may have tried.

The first little goodie is bentonite clay. It’s weathered and aged volcanic ash, and while it sounds disgusting, you can’t taste it and it does wonders for your body. Because, it’s not assimilated by the body! The technical spiel is that is ‘has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, which enables it to bind to any toxins (all inherently positively charged) in the colon’. Basically, the toxins in your colon stick to the clay and are then eliminated in your poop.

The second little goodie is psyllium husk. We all know about the benefits of this fibre-rich gem: it provides bulk, keeps you feeling fuller for longer and gives you a helping hand when you go to the toilet. Together, these ingredients, when mixed in water and taken 60 minutes before each juice, will keep things ticking along very nicely.

“We believe the inclusion of bentonite clay and psyllium husk in the Juice Junction cleanse program will reduce the likelihood of any unpleasant cleansing reactions, and increase the removal of toxins from your body,” says Juice Junction proprietor Joe Antonino.


So, how will you feel? It varies from person to person of course.

Day one, while your body is adjusting and ramping up its war on toxins you may feel a little light-headed and tired or have a slight headache. Listen to your body: take a nap or go to bed early – this is about giving yourself some time out, so do it. Avoid strenuous exercise, instead take a slow walk in the fresh air or do some gentle yoga. And in between juices drink plenty of water.

From day two you can generally expect to feel satisfied, more alert and energetic with less bloating and fewer or no cravings. You will experience a more restful night’s sleep and may be pleasantly surprised when you step on the scales!



By Tina Luton


Tina Luton did a Juice Junction basic three-day cleanse, which costs $195. A one-day cleanse costs $65, a two-day cleanse coast $130 and individual 500ml juices can be purchased for $9.


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