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Let’s face it – we all have something in our lives that we would like to change. The pressure of modern society means that many of us suffer from some form of stress or anxiety and we are constantly seeking comfort from these burdens with different vitamins, herbal remedies, yoga and meditation to name a few. Some of these may work for you but many of them don’t and it may seems like a constant battle of searching the internet for the next form of relief.

Hypnotherapy or hypnosis is something that many think of as an effective way of giving up smoking and alcohol addiction. You might not know that it also can help with stress, anxiety, phobias, self-confidence and improving your overall health. Most importantly, it works.

Some people are skeptical of hypnotherapy and often think it is about being “put under” hypnosis and not remembering what happens. However, what it is really about is channelling your inner subconscious mind and changing your way of thinking, feelings and behaviours.

Inner Health Hypnotherapy is run by the hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner and mind coach Giorgiana Castello. Her office is based in the beautiful suburb of Abbotsford; this is where clients come to her to seek help for stress and anxiety, which was the focus of this session.

In the corner of her room sits a warm and inviting vintage-looking chair and the minute you sink in to it you feel comfortable and secure. A blanket sits on the arm rest and you place it over your lap so that you are easing in to relaxation mode.

The beginning of your first session with Giorgiana will have you doing the talking. Giorgiana asks you questions about yourself and your history to better understand what you want to achieve from your visit.

After venting about yourself you may be surprised to find that you have already gained some self-realisation about why stress and anxiety affects you and where it might stem from. Based on the conversation it is now time to start the hypnotherapy and you feel a mixture of excitement and desperation for answers.

You then close your eyes and Giorgiana’s soothing voice becomes your entire focus. She asks you what comes to mind when you think relaxation. That picture then becomes the image you refer back to, to relax your senses when feeling stressed or anxious. Giorgiana then focuses on the muscles in the body, making sure you are releasing any tension from the bottoms of your feet to the tip of your head. She also teaches you the importance of breathing.

The next focus is getting down to the root cause of your stress or anxiety which could be a past event in your life. Giorgiana keeps the tissues close by for this stage and for good reason as this part of the session can see you opening up and may start the tears flowing. She then helps to release that moment from the past and regain some of the power that event may have taken from you. Already you are feeling a weight lift from your shoulders and you submerge further in to relaxation as your session nears an end. When you open your eyes, it’s a surreal moment. It’s almost like waking up from a dream.

Everyone’s experience with hypnotherapy is different. You can feel like you’re totally aware of where you are and your surroundings but that your mind is somewhere else. Your feet can feel heavy and your head can feel light. You can feel like you’re floating and that your mind is totally clear of any feelings or emotion. You are at peace.

Hypnotherapy is an eye-opening experience, an incredibly effective way of helping you better understand your thoughts and how to take back some of the power they can have on you. The session allows you to learn more about yourself and how to incorporate changes into your life to make stress and anxiety more manageable. It also gives you the realisation that often we place so much focus on the little things that we forget to relax and enjoy life.

Hypnotherapy does work. It might not be instant but if you do your homework and follow what you have learnt you will notice a difference. These are the tools you will use in those overwhelming situations.

Push aside the vitamins and herbal remedies and put hypnotherapy at the top of your list. You might find you find your solution straight away.


By Sarah Lamont


Inner Health Hypnotherapy


t: 0408 852 894


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