Ice-cream just got hot at Helados Jauja


You know ice-cream has come in from the cold and into the realm of hot foodie experiences when you climb the stairs to Helados Jauja’s ice-cream appreciation masterclass in Carlton.

You have found the stairway to heaven.  A degustation of 24 tastes of the most divine sorbets and ice-creams imaginable.

In 2011 she opened her own Helados Jauja where she and her team now serve naked ice-cream so it is devoid of all nasties such as premixes.


Like any official tastings you are seated at long tables with tasting notes and water to refresh your palate.

Classes are taken by lively presenters, but owner Po-Lin Lim might also surface and immerse you in her story.

“In 2010 I was travelling through Patagonia and discovered a shop, Jauja, where ice-cream was made with fresh fruits, flowers and herbs.

“I was a Melbourne finance lawyer but one taste of cassis (fresh blackcurrant) ice-cream changed all that.”


Po-Lin quit her corporate job, to apprentice herself to a 75-year-old ice-cream maker, maestro Lucia Adler.

In 2011 she opened her own Helados Jauja where she and her team now serve naked ice-cream so it is devoid of all nasties such as premixes.

Ingredients include Yea Double Cream, egg yolks, Belgian chocolate, seasonal fruit, vanilla beans and fresh lemon juice instead of artificial essence or citric acid.

Tastings come in little glass dishes and begin with classics such as lemon and strawberry sorbets, vanilla bean salted caramel, cookies and cream and coffee latte.

Then a tour through the global village as one might expect from a proprietor born in Malaysia, who studied in Melbourne and discovered her divine calling in Patagonia.


From the Middle East comes rosewater, pistachio and Turkish delight. From Asia there is lychee sorbet where your tongue traces around succulent globules of lychee flesh.

Durian, “tastes like heaven, smells like hell” so while the creamy texture is heavenly, the pungent aroma creates much hilarity.

Heading southward to the joys of coconut and mango and back to Australia for Christmas pudding ice-cream.

Tastings encompass wine sauvignon, blood orange, Marsala and Po-Lin’s life-changing cassis but it’s the Willy Wonka world that gets people talking: a holy trinity of white chocolate or milk chocolate with raspberry coulee followed by an intense chocolate cacao (80%) sorbet.


The pièce de résistance is salted chocolate with peanut butter, which clefts to the roof of the mouth, while the rich ice-cream swirls downwards.

Included in the experience is a take-home tub of your three favourites.

This is collected downstairs where you can see the attendants crafting mountain peaks of ice-cream for passing customers – a tribute to Patagonian heritage.

Po-Lin says, “In Patagonia it was so cold the locals lined up for their ice-cream in their bubble jackets.”

She has recreated this beloved Patagonian ice-creamery down to the small-framed windows where Australians also queue but dressed in shorts and t-shirts.

From a Patagonian hamlet to busy Lygon Street, the ice-cream cometh.


Nadine Cresswell-Myatt experienced the ice-cream appreciation masterclass, which runs for two hours and costs $55.


By Nadine Cresswell-Myatt


Helados Jauja


t: (03) 9041 2927

a: 254 Lygon Street, Carlton VIC 3053



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