A trip with your partner is always nice, as is a trip with the whole family. But you know what’s better? That’s right – a trip just for us girls! Girls holidays are the perfect time to bond and strengthen friendships, and for you to really let your hair down and have a proper laugh. The world is massive, so there are heaps of places you can go both further afield and closer to home.


Okay, sure… you live here. But have you really seen all that there is to see? From the beaches along the East Coast through to the nitty gritty of Sydney’s cultural scene, there’s a whole abundance of excitement right on your doorstep. It might be full of hippies and backpackers, but Byron Bay is actually perfect for a girls’ trip. It’s got beaches, which means surf lessons, cocktails, and hot guys galore. If it’s not really up your street, why not try Melbourne? Its arts scene will leave you feeling enriched, as will its tasty food. If you fancy doing a bit of celeb spotting there, you can even head to the casinos, too. Harry Styles is known to frequent them in the city (and you can always practice with free pokies to save yourself embarrassment before you go)!



Pack your bikinis, girls, it’s time for some serious sun, sea and sand. Bali is your ultimate party weekend with a difference: it’s cheap as chips. Flights from any Aussie airport won’t set you back too much at all, and if you can hack a hostel, it’s even better. To be honest, even if you do splurge for a room, you can live like queens for next to nothing. Lombok is another great option (it’s all about the tourist picture on that swing in the middle of the ocean…), and of course, there are cultural activities to get involved in as well. Just be careful out there – if you’re having fun with a few cocktails, just mind that you’re respectful of Indonesian laws. It might sound a little scary but they kind of still have the death penalty there, so don’t get up to anything that you shouldn’t!

Bali, Indonesia” (CC BY 2.0) by  Thomas Depenbusch 


The UK

It’s a long, long way away for sure… but once you arrive, it’s worth it. We’ll be honest, the weather isn’t all too great, but there are days where you’d actually be quite surprised! The UK is a great option for all women, no matter what you’re into. Don’t just hit up London – once you’ve hit up the museums and been to see the Queen, try visiting the Beatles in Liverpool, the Vikings in York, or even the men of Manchester. You’re bound to all have a great time, and feel closer than ever on your return.

London” (CC BY 2.0) by  Metro Centric 


A girls’ vacation can make or break your group. Sure, there will be highs and there will be lows, but hey – you’ll all know each other a whole lot better on your return!

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