Get Kids Cooking @ Home kits are safe, fun and educational


So much of a parent’s daily life revolves around their kids – school, lunches, bath-time, bed-time, etc. Kids are super eager to spend time with busy parents, so a fabulous way to do this is get the kids involved in helping out in the kitchen. Children will enjoy helping with the cooking and be totally inspired by using these beautifully presented and monthly delivered Get Kids Cooking @ Home packages.

The recipe cards will inspire even the fussiest of little eaters – there’s such a great array of flavours and ingredients. The cards are filled with useful and educational tips for future cooking and kitchen knowledge, as well as health and safety.

The shopping list is a great way to get kids and parents organised – it makes sure that no ingredients are forgotten, ensuring a successful start to a kitchen cook off.

The monthly ‘skill card’ and apron badge is a great idea for kids to see improvement and look forward to the next culinary challenge and learning. With each monthly delivery a new set of knowledge and a kitchen implement is supplied to match the increased level of learning.

The ‘adult help’ notes are, as the name suggests, very helpful – so both the kids and parents know when to step in.

The ‘allergy awareness’ is a fabulous help as so many people are discovering dietary intolerances in themselves and their children.

The Get Kids Cooking @ Home kits are a fantastic way to get your little MasterChef inspired, and safely helping out in the kitchen environment.


Bonnie Halliday experienced a trial of one of the Get Kids Cooking @ Home kits, which cost $26.96 a month and are delivered to your home. Visit the site to find out more:


By Bonnie Halliday




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