When a taste just isn’t enough!

If you’ve ever been out with friends in the city and tried to decide where to go to tame your sweet tooth, you would have heard of Gelato Messina. If you haven’t, where the heck have you been?

With 10 stores across two countries (one recently opened in Las Vegas), what started as a boutique gelato shop in Darlinghurst has now become a worldwide success. Just one taste of any flavour captures the delight of every single tastebud – and now we all have the chance to experience the magic behind the scenes.

Rather than franchising, Gelato Messina is run by four part-owners who taste every creation to ensure the quality is spot-on every time. There’s actually a whole technical process behind creating the perfect gelato and formulating the best flavours – even the way the cooks measure the sugar in the fruit and the servers tap into the gelato contribute to the delicious end product. And only the best-quality produce is used – no distance is too far for Messina customers. Strawberries and raspberries from South America, lychees from Thailand, pistachios from the foothills of Sicily’s Mount Etna… if it’s the best, it’s used in that gelato you’re eyeing off.

This is all stuff you’ll learn in the Gelato Appreciation Class. And not only that – you’ll be served meals that once only existed in your imagination. This week’s menu highlight was ‘Not So Sour Toast’, fresh, light and essentially guilt-free sourdough topped with olive-oil gelato and choc-nut sprinkles. Best. Breakfast. Ever! A spot in this three-hour course is also the only way you’ll be able to try tiramisu gelato that’s just finished its heating stage. This experience alone makes the class worth every cent; it tastes a million times better than the cold one you’ll find in store – and that’s saying something!

You’ll be so impressed by the end, not only will you want to devour the whole store (and, thankfully, you will get that opportunity), you’ll also want to work for the Australian version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. So, how do you get in? Head chef Donato Toce says it’s all about personality – and nothing to do with culinary skills. “We can teach you everything you need to know about making gelato,” he says. “What we look for is bubbly people with personality, who are happy to put in the hard work because they see how happy it makes everyone else.”

And how could you not be happy working at the hospitality industry’s Google? Chef-prepared meals for Thursday’s team lunch, personal training on Saturdays to keep everybody fit… it’s the icing on the (Dr. Evil Magic Mushroom) cake for people who work with dessert 12 hours a day.


Sarah Friggieri experienced Gelato Messina’s Gelato Appreciation Class, $160.


Gelato Messina, Darlinghurst


t: (02) 9331 1588

a: Shop 1, 241 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010


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