The royal treatment, Moroccan-style

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When a bit of pamper is in order, a Moroccan Hammam experience may not be the first thing that comes to mind. In fact, many of you may never have heard of it. Hammam rituals are popular throughout the Middle East but a fully traditional one like the treatment you get at Fleur de Lys Medispa in Woollahra, is a rarity in Australia. What is Hammam exactly? Well, imagine being treated like Cleopatra or the Queen of Sheba for a few hours. The experience is total body worship – voluptuous, warm and deeply stress relieving. The result? Like gaining a brand new body and shedding a tired old one.

 Sipping spiced apple tea whilst eagerly waiting for her treatment, one regular customer whispered, “The Hammam here, it’s better than in Istanbul!”

The Fleur De Lys Hammam treatment begins with 20 minutes in a cosy sauna designed to relax the muscles and open the pores. Then you are led to a warmed, low-lit room scented with aromatherapy candles, accompanied the soft tinkle of falling water. There on a heated marble table – the energetic principles of marble being essential to this treatment – you are enfolded in the soft wet embrace of water as traditional black olive eucalyptus soap is tenderly applied all over your skin.

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The next step is energising and surprisingly pleasant despite how active it is – you are scrubbed vigorously with Moroccan “kessa” exfoliating gloves to shed a full layer of dead skin cells. After another soft and silky cleansing with warm water, a soothing body wrap comprising a mix of rosewater and natural mineral rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains is applied to the body to oxygenate and brighten the complexion. A final cleansing and you are in for the best massage of your life! Using hot stones and essential oils from the orient (with an organic argan oil base), the whole experience is designed to combine aromatherapy, exfoliation and massage to give the body the most profound detox and relax on the planet.

The lady behind this incredible spa, Linda Wehbi, has certainly realised her vision. After a life-changing trip to Morocco where she experienced the medical benefits of Hammam and other traditional treatments, she vowed to be the first to bring these to Sydney. Four years later, the medispa boasts a dedicated following and a range of select French-Moroccan products to add exclusivity to a killer concept. Sipping spiced apple tea whilst eagerly waiting for her treatment, one regular customer whispered, “The Hammam here, it’s better than in Istanbul!”

Hammam Treatment Room

Of course, Fleur De Lys Medispa has a range of other incredible pampering treatments including facials, hair masks, laser, microdermabrasion – the list goes on. The menu is exotic and exciting, perhaps the most standout offering is the “Gold Facial” – a unique, 100% natural experience that utilises 24-carat gold, which is said to rejuvenate and bring radiance to the skin.

If you have only one spa treatment left to experience on this Earth, pray it’s this one!


By Niyati Libotte


Fleur de Lys Medispa
w: www.fleurdelysmedispa.com.au
t: (02) 93614441
a: 2A Queen Street Woollahra, NSW 2025

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