Surry Hills’ new social hotspot


When it comes to dining in Surry Hills, there’s one place that’s first on the list: Crown Street. And since that usually caters for every appetite, there’s often not a need to look elsewhere.

Three months ago, Sydney foodie Randy Kakos established Fat Angel (cocktail bar meets high-end pub), and it has been welcoming crowds wanting a new experience ever since. So what makes this place a standout?


Well, firstly, it’s located on Elizabeth Street, closer to Central Station than Crown Street (read: no crazy hills to climb in order to get your fill).

Inside its rustic timber exterior is what feels like more of a whisky bar, which was all part of Randy’s plan.

“We wanted to draw a different crowd. Not just people coming for a few drinks, but those who’d also like to feel comfortable enough in their surroundings to have a good conversation,” he says.


Going a long way to achieving the mood is the dimming of the lights and lowering of the music at 7.30pm, just as patrons have settled in with their first cocktail. And speaking of cocktails, skip the traditional list in favour of the signature concoctions bursting with the flavours you’ve come to expect but rarely actually receive. Pink Power is sure to be a favourite for those with a sweet tooth (the cocktail for moscato lovers), Caffeine Fix for those who prefer a much higher intensity in their drinks, and Rum Diary if you’re looking for a fresh alternative to the usual caprioska.

It must be noted that staff are very well informed as to which beverages complement the meals. If you’re told that the thirst-quenching Kozel Lager (one of five imported beers – this one’s from the Czech Republic) pairs perfectly with the Fat Angel Burger, believe it!

Also on the menu is marinated chicken breast, grilled barramundi, polenta chips spiced with rosemary that are beautifully crisp on the outside, meat and cheese platters, and pizzas that take their roots from traditional ones found in Italy: a focus on limited toppings that are full of flavour.


Sarah Friggieri dined on rosemary polenta chips ($6), prosciutto pizza ($12), Fat Angel burger ($18), Pink Power cocktail ($16) and Kozel Lager ($7) at Fat Angel.


By Sarah Friggieri


Fat Angel

w: www.fatangel.com.au

t: 0433 325 668

e: booking@fatangel.com.au

a: 512 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills