Signature Day Spa is so tranquil it’s almost dreamlike



You enter via busy Parramatta Road. It’s dusty, noisy and always busy.

But step through a glass door and you’re all of a sudden inside a magical world – it’s so peaceful it seems almost dreamlike.

Signature Day Spa doesn’t have a corporate bone in its body. Set across three floors, it’s an eclectic mix of luxury treatment rooms, chill-out areas and a quirky art gallery. It’s as luxurious as a five-star hotel, but there’s no chance of ever finding something identical elsewhere – it’s truly unique.

And the dream analogy is fair. Signature Day Spa is the vision of one man – John Crotti. Over five years, he’s created and crafted the premises – his dream. He has hand built the tables and transformed rotted timbers into things of beauty. The chandeliers are the ultimate in industrial chic. The passion that has been put into this project is tangible.

You could spend the whole day just admiring the artefacts and architectural transformation. But that would be to miss out on the treatments.

On entry, visitors are welcomed in the reception area with a warm foot bath, before being taken to the immaculate changing rooms. From there, it’s onto the treatment.

A coffee scrub followed by a chocolate body wrap is simply joyous. Top that off with a Vichy shower, which involves lying on a bed below an arrangement of shower heads designed to replicate a waterfall, for the ultimate in indulgence.

The rooms are individually designed – there’s a Japanese room with a fabulous hot tub, an Egyptian room with marble lounges, a mani-pedi room where the girls (or boys) can get together, a Hamman and even a boardroom meeting area.

And because Signature Day Spa has a licence to serve alcohol, treatments can be followed with a glass of what you fancy, along with a snack.

The staff are friendly and experienced. Nothing is too much trouble.

It’s a great place for solos, couples and groups of friends who want to sit back and just be looked after for a period of time. And you can end your visit with a shopping expedition through the retail space at the front of the shop, which stocks luxurious beauty products.

The hard part is making the trip back out of the magic door, back to reality and Parramatta Road.


By Alison Black



t: (02) 9517 2525

a:  77 Parramatta Rd Camperdown, NSW 2050


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