Bikes for people who don’t like ordinary


Some people sit on the toilet, others ride bikes. We’re talking about getting your downtime. Time to think about nothing, speak to nobody, and have nobody ask you to do anything. People’s “nothing box” comes in all shapes and sizes. For Glen Fitzgerald, the owner of CanRdly Treadlies, it’s taking a bike out and pedalling into the horizon.

Australia is one of the best places in the world to cycle. Cycling is a great way to nip around the city easily (and without spending any money), but you’ve also got all sorts of trails beyond the urban environment where you can really pump the pedals.

CanRdly Treadlies is an Aussie company bringing in awesome fixed- and single-speed bikes from the States. If you’re stuck on the pronunciation of CanRdly, here’s a tip – it’s pronounced “can hardly”, because a fixie bike rolls down the hill perfectly fine, but can hardly get up again. But that aside, these bikes are no joke.


Set up by sports and outdoor fanatic Glen, CanRdly Treadlies stocks single-speed cycles and fixed-gear bikes. And they’re anything but boring – think bright colours, vintage aesthetics, and loads of fun features (one even has a bottle opener on the back). The bikes mainly come from State Bicycle Co., a renowned builder of single-speed bikes in America. Although Aussie owned and operated, CanRdly Treadlies holds the largest range of State Bicycle Co. models in Australia, even more than State Bicycle Co. Australia themselves.


Although CanRdly Treadlies may not be a full-blown custom shop, Glen does go out of his way to accommodate most requests within reason. He does offer custom painting – it’s outsourced, but at an affordable price.

These bikes, with their distinct style and unique features, are anything but ordinary.


CanRdly Treadlies

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