Regain your inner tranquillity and a better night’s sleep with Enta Yoga


These days our hectic lifestyles leave us with a heavy weight on our shoulders, whether it be from an overload of stress, bad posture or sore muscles. We go home and try to relax before starting that same routine all over again. It’s time we made a change.

Instead of slumping into the couch in the evening before rolling into bed at an untimely hour, escape to a yoga class that will not only help you sleep better at night, but will relax your mind, body and soul for the week ahead.

Walking into Enta after a hard day of work provides you with a sense of relief. You are greeted by the gentlest of ladies who offers you a seat and a glass of water before you begin your yoga class. The smell of delicious essential oils fills your nostrils and you are already feeling more at peace.

Mariana, your instructor, comes out to introduce herself with a welcoming hug and you immediately gauge her warmth. One by one the ladies enter the room for the class and she greets each person in the same way. It’s impossible not to feel at home here.

The yoga room is just as inviting with bamboo curtains and warm wooden floorboards. It’s an intimate setting with eight yoga mats laid out, equipped with blankets and soft soothing music playing in the background.

The style of this class was Dru Yoga, an ancient yogic tradition that is a more delicate and gentle approach to traditional yoga. It focuses on resetting your mind and increasing energy through movements, hand gestures, breathing and visualisation.


The 90-minute class begins with shaking your whole body to release any stress from the day followed by focused breathing to help you relax. The next is a mixture of stretching and gentle flowing movements to strengthen your body, particularly your spine, and calm all your senses. You can expect a few downward dogs and child’s poses in the mix.

As a first-timer you would expect to feel a little embarrassed as you shake and move your body in unfamiliar poses, but the environment is so inclusive and you feel like a sisterhood as you work together in exercises of balance and strength. Mariana’s positive energy is contagious and her experience is evident in the way she teaches. She will happily guide you if you feel off-balance or unsure of something.

The class ends with a long relaxation session lying down on the mat. Soothing eye masks comfort you as the lights are dimmed and a soft pillow supports your legs. As you lay there listening to Mariana’s soft voice mixed with the therapeutic music, your mind is at peace and it is hard not to doze off to sleep.

When you arouse, you feel revitalised and renewed. With a clear mind and relaxed body, you can head home knowing that when you head hits the pillow you will be out like a light.


By Sarah Lamont


Enta Yoga

w: http://www.enta.net.au/

t: 93790637

a: 5 Lloyd Street, Strathmore VIC 3041


The next term for Dru Yoga begins after the school holidays on April 11.  Classes also run through the school holidays for those wanting to get involved earlier. Check out the website for more information: http://www.enta.net.au/



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