Put the pedal to the metal in this heart-stopping thrill ride

The G-force holds you steady in your seat and you can feel the traction grip as you manoeuvre the track. Your heart rate will race and adrenaline will course through your veins. You are in control of a precision driving machine that’s built for speed. This is the V8 Supercars Official Driving Experience and you are in the drivers seat.

Holden or Ford – the first question you’ll be asked upon arriving. Once you make the vital decision, it’s time to head into the training bay to get kitted up and learn the ropes. You’ll have a safety briefing, and if you’re driving, some expert driver training. Next step, you’ll be given a pit pass and meet your professional driver.

Before or instead of getting behind the wheel yourself, you can try out the lap-ride experience. A professional V8 driver will take you for some hot laps around the track and give you a taste of real-life racing. They are true experts and the perfect timing and high speeds will leave you in awe.

Now if you’re ready, jump in the driver’s seat and fulfil those childhood fantasies. Fasten your race belt and try not to grip the wheel too tightly in anticipation. Start your engine and feel the raw power of the supercar.

As you take off, it’s hard not to imagine you’re in the V8 championship with Whincup or Tander on your tail. Traverse the track at your own pace with your professional passenger giving you tips and advice. The track is also equipped with markers to signal your braking and turning to maximise your ability.

After the fun is over, you’ll get your photo taken and be awarded a race licence. The experience is also captured on video for you to take home.

When your blood has finally stopped pumping after a thrilling experience, it’s time to get back into your not supercar for a seemingly slow drive home.


By Scott Bidmead


V8 Supercar Experience
t: 07-5546-1366
a: 75 Norwell Road, Norwell QLD 4207

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