Going for a ‘tea’ has never been so appealing. Clue – it’s alcoholic.


You’ll find Doris and Beryl’s Bridge Club and Tea House down the west end of King Street in Newtown, deep in the heart of coffee territory. Doris and Beryl like things intimate. And with space for only about 40 people, intimate it is. The walls feel like they belong in an eccentric great aunt’s lounge room with her teapots and silverware on display, but a swig of modernity is added with wooden booths and boxes for sitting on while watching the colourful characters of King Street.

An Earl Grey syrup is utilised in the 50 Shades of Earl… It’s designed to ‘ease the pain of a good spanking’.

And the cocktails on offer at this quirky bar are really quite something else.

Tea syrups are created in-house as the base for the cocktail list, and with names like Geriatrics in the Mist and Pedro’s Throbbing Passion, you’ll really want to work your way through them all.

There’s the Narcoleptic Nan, which uses Camomile-infused tequila to bring a new twist on the classic margarita. Or the bestseller Tea-ki, which is based around a spicy chai tea syrup and ginger beer – but with four different types of rum in this one it may have you slurring over your bridge game before too long. Oh and the ginger beer is homemade and comes out of a fire extinguisher. Another one please!

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An Earl Grey syrup is utilised in the 50 Shades of Earl – a tasty concoction of bourbon, apricot brandy and fruit liquors. It’s designed to ‘ease the pain of a good spanking’. And if you’re feeling like something more unusual, there’s the herby goodness of That Knitted Sweater which uses genever, lime, mint and sparkling green tea. With those ingredients you can almost kid yourself it’s doing you good. After a couple, you’re sure of it.

All the teas are sourced from Kate at Mayde organic teas and are also served the old fashioned way, i.e. without alcohol if that’s more to your fancy. You can get jerky but other than that there’s no food here so support the surrounding food joints and Doris and Beryl will let you bring it in.

Of course if tea is not your thing there’s wine and craft beers aplenty. This is a bar with a cosy, unpretentious vibe doing something new – well worth a visit.


Doris and Beryl’s Bridge Club and Tea House


a: 530 King St, Newtown NSW

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